Dragon Quest XI For PS4 and 3DS Has Gone Gold Ahead of July 29th release.

Dragon Quest XI Creator Yuji Hori Announces that the game is now complete, at least for PS4 and 3DS.

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SegaGamer159d ago

I'm surprised that this hasn't got a release date for the west yet.

3-4-5159d ago

Same here. I want to play this on PS4/Switch & 3DS.

DivineAssault 159d ago

Is the 3DS and Switch versions the same?

Blade1587159d ago

i dont think there's a switch version. but if there was they'd probably use the ps4 version (with some downgrades) since the whole point of the 3ds version is that they have a different graphical style for each screen

Zeldafan64159d ago

They already Confirmed That It Will be On The switch.

Blade1587159d ago

oh, i could've sworn that it was a 3ds and ps4 exclusive. sorry about that :p

3-4-5159d ago

No 3ds is it's own version.

Switch version would be like the PS4 version but probably just tinkered with and altered a bit to fit the Switch's specs better.

Relientk77159d ago

That's cool for Japan

I am desperately waiting for a Western release date :-/

Fist4achin159d ago

Sweet. Really looking forward to it.

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