Nerd Fight: Novell Engineer Blasts Ubuntu for Not Helping Linux

Wired: "Linux kernel developer and Novell engineer, Greg Kroah-Hartman, recently lashed out at competitor Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, for not contributing enough to the Linux community.

Kroah-Hartman's remarks came during his keynote address at the recent Linux Plumbers Conference in Portland, Oregon. The conference, which just kicked off this year, is designed to bring together developers working on Linux's, well, plumbing - the low level code that most of us take for granted.

The result of Kroah-Hartman's talk is a classic nerd fight of pathetic proportions. In one corner you have Kroah-Hartman's figures which, as Canonical points out, have been wrong in the past, and in the other corner is the now pissed off Ubuntu community, which argues that Ubuntu's popularity does more for Linux than all the kernel contributions in the world."

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