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Harry Kalogirou at GameCloud writes: "As a first real foray into mechanically deep fighting games for Nintendo, ARMS is a wonderfully unique and enjoyable fighting game. It might be hard to grasp the controls and mechanics at first, but once you come around to them, the game has a lot to offer. It’s deceptively deep, full of character, and has some great game modes that are complimented by an efficient online lobby system. ARMS is one of the many embodiments of Nintendo’s design philosophy; it’s innovative, complex, and gratifying, even if there is a steep difficulty curve against AI opponents. It’s another fantastic addition to the Switch’s library and one that you should definitely get your hands (or arms) on."

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EddieNX 280d ago

My first few hours with it, i've found it insanely hard, but I can tell its going to be rewarding in the end. This isnt a simple game for kids unless AI is on 1/7 difficulty. Deep