Bandai Namco On Why A 2D Fighting Game Was the Right Choice For Dragon Ball

GameInformer: "Dragon Ball FighterZ was one of the biggest surprises of this year's E3. With its gorgeously detailed renderings of classic Dragon Ball characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza, its ferociously cluttered combat, and high-octane anime midfight scenes, it shocked many at Microsoft's E3 conference.

To learn more about what why Bandai Namco teamed up with Arc System Works for the game, why 2D was the right call, and how the game will address the issue of retreading the same characters and storylines from previous games, we caught up with producer Tomoko Hiroki."

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Void000159d ago

They could've gone the Powerstone route. Sheesh!

Adirzzz159d ago

2D is great, but I prefer Budokai 2 / 3 style.

Adirzzz159d ago

well with the years the term "2D" changed a lil bit in gaming (since they add 3D Visual Effects and so on...), but lets say they all 2D, sort of,
There might be 3D effects and special moves in those games, but they are 2D.
Tenkaichi series and Xenoverse series are more of a 3D.

Adirzzz159d ago

I think I wasn't clear enough, what I meant to say is that I prefer the Budokai 2/3 2D style, and not this game's 2D look.

GameBoyColor159d ago

2.5d, main fight was linear but you could move to a different plane but it would still be linear. this game is straight on 2d

Sonyslave3159d ago

This is as close as we"re gonna get to budokai 4.

PhoenixUp159d ago

Those were still 3D fighters

Adirzzz159d ago

Nope, they were 2D fighter with 3D sidestepping and dashing.
Tenkaichi Series and Xenoverse are more of a 3D.

PhoenixUp159d ago

That's still a 3D fighter. 😑

If it has any elements of a 3D fighter, then it's a 3D fighter.

By your warped logic then franchises like Tekken, Virtual Fighter, Soul Calibur, & Dead or Alive are 3D fighters

Adirzzz159d ago

what? no? Tekken , VF, SC , Dead Or Alive, all 2D Fighters. I think you misunderstood me

FallenAngel1984158d ago

@ Adrizzz

You think those franchises are all 2D fighters? My god you are deluded.

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The_Kills159d ago

This is similar with cleaner art, less side stepping that didn't add much to the gameplay (I mean it wasn't useless but it wasn't that serious because the combat itself doesn't compare to the depth and hardcore nature this does). I think we got the best we could hope for all things considered, and an amazing developer with massive experience in fighting games.

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CyrusLemont159d ago

I love Xenoverse, but this looks amazing like you're actually watching the show. Best 2D fighter I've ever seen.

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