Nintendo Will Support 3DS Beyond 2018

Nintendo comments on plans for the future of its handheld devices.

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Summons75365d ago

Support, as in, won't discontinue it for a long while and they still have a few stray games in development but after announcing the mainline Pokemon for the Switch, the clock has begun ticking on the 3DS' life. Unless Pokemon Switch somehow does abysmally bad it's staying on there.

_-EDMIX-_365d ago


I hope your right, but going into E3, the only thing I felt they needed was a top down Zelda and Pokemon to let folks know that the Switch is where their support is going to go, but Pokemon is good enough.

I think they will keep it up for sale of course, but their teams will move over to making Switch games. At least they should port those 3DS games to Switch like how they are doing with Fire Emblem.

I don't want to see a repeat of 3DS vs Wii U. They are better off having 100% staff on Switch going forward, but like you stated, Pokemon coming pretty much at least to a degree confirms they are indeed moving on to Switch as their main squeeze.

ZeekQuattro365d ago

I think so too especially after they announced the 2DS XL. The 2DS will continue to get games from Nintendo devs that are between game releases on the Switch as well as the usual indies and 3rd party releases.

The 10th Rider365d ago

I think they'll give it another 2D Zelda late next year. Early next year already has Pokemon and this year there's a Metroid and Fire Emblem Warriors coming this year. I can see another mainline Fire Emblem hitting in 2019 as well. They'll probably mix in some smaller releases and call it good.

ZeekQuattro365d ago

I hope they revamp another old FE that was never localized like FE Echoes. Maybe that Holy War game of Binding Blade with Roy. Crazy to think we got the prequel with Roys father localized but not the game that he stars in.

rawshack365d ago

Hopefully they will make another handheld console with dual screens

_-EDMIX-_365d ago

lol no.

Please no.

We don't need them basically holding back titles on other platforms. They need to go 100% Switch. I don't see the reason to have many portables all cannibalizing sales.

The only other portable I want to hear Nintendo working on is Switch 2.

DanteVFenris666365d ago

I could see them dishing out another metroid in 2 years for 2019 or at least that's my hope :/

All 2d metroids besides metroid 2 and fusions take place in the exact same planet. I want a brand new 2d metroid. Though I'm still loving the look of this new metroid and am super hyped

_-EDMIX-_365d ago

Well yes, but I'd like to see that on Switch. I like my 3DS don't get me wrong, but they need to move on. Let the next title max out Switch and let the teams move on already. Switch has a good momentum and I don't think they should let that go.

DanteVFenris666364d ago

Nintendo isnt letting go of the 3ds. So I don't see all focus on switch. They still probably want to sell more ds unless they announce another portable

Switch also isn't required to max out a 2d game, I also like games when they don't go all out on graphics. Limitations make unique art styles

_-EDMIX-_364d ago

@dante-I don't disagree with you that Nintendo isn't letting go the 3DS simply that it's a suggestion.

You could still have that game on the switch though I don't see your point especially when it actually means the switch is getting less games, if anything I believe those games should be ported so everyone wins.

From now on I actually think any game that's coming to the 3DS should automatically be ported to the switch if anything look at what the Fire Emblem game is doing.

I even think it's very likely that that Metroid remake is probably coming to the switch at a later date.

Why not?

I'm not sure if I want to buy it for my 3DS or just wait until I buy a switch because part of me feels that they'll probably port it like they're doing with Fire Emblem.

I'm not entirely sure why anybody would be in favor of multiple teams basically being left behind to work on 3DS, unless those games are ported to switch it's going to be another element holding games back from a platform that's already lacking in games by default of not having a lot of third-party support.

Mikhal5569364d ago

I personally love my 3DS and I am thrilled to hear that Nintendo plans on supporting it. I don't expect too many more big name titles to be releaed but i'll be satisfied with two or three AAA titles a year at this point.
Currently I eagerly awaiting the release of Monster Hunter Stories. But until than the system has more than a big enough back library of games to keep me busy.