The Last Guardian: An Extraordinary Story now available in North America

The Last Guardian: An Extraordinary Story has been released in the North American region.

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InKnight7s543d ago

I want to buy this but iam not too sure. I like every genres and titles except latest Zelda and minecraft. This will be good for me? Never really play ico team games.

Becuzisaid543d ago

All Team Ico games are unique and you owe it to yourself to play each game. This one won't reach legendary status like the Shadow of the Colossus, but it's still a completely worth while experience. Just don't let the bad controls deter your time.

TFJWM543d ago

Well if you like every genre but those 2 games you'd prob like it since it is not close to either of them. But I would prob need more info to give you a better recommendation

_-EDMIX-_543d ago

Well it's definitely not really like Zelda or Minecraft.

It's a very similar to the first Ico in regards to Big Room puzzles so I would actually say in essence the series is more so puzzle based as well as platforming based.

In the first Ico you control the player that could platform and swing a sword but his companion was blind but she also could open the doors for you to continue so you had to help her navigate through entire puzzle rooms to get to the Next Room but you could never leave her alone because these shadow creatures would attack her so you had to specifically do the puzzle in a way we're both of you could successfully leave the room.

The Last Guardian essentially takes this concept to another level in the respect of you definitely need your mythical animal friend to help him navigate specific parts but this time you're not the warrior you're actually the weaker person and these Soldier sculpture type statue dudes could grab you in basically kill you.

So basically the concept is you need to get out of the room with you and your friend and there's a lots of large puzzles as well as platforming.

You could play any of the games in any order but trust me once you play one of them, you're going to want to experience the rest.

I mean if you like it that is.

brando008543d ago

I started playing TLG a few days ago, and I'm blown away. It certainly has a few camera issues, and frustrating moments, but overall the experience is a deeply mysterious and warming game about a beast and a boy. Their growing connection/bond also shows some really interesting AI development that I haven't seen often. The art direction and audio is quite refreshing too. Highly recommend you give it a shot, though it isn't for everyone.

bluefox755543d ago

If you like adventure games that are more about atmosphere than action, or you like games that make your feel feelings, then yes. It's not for everyone, but it's beautiful and touching.

JunMei543d ago

If you need something fast paced, this is not the game for you. If you can see the beauty in silence, stillness, and atmosphere, then this game will be right up your alley. These games likability depend heavily on the personality of the player. They can be amazing games or boring games. I love these games, but I recognize, they really aren't for everyone.

Nyxus543d ago

I think it's an amazing game but it is an acquired taste. Not everyone is going to like it.

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FallenAngel1984543d ago

I can bond with a baby colossus in this game and mercilessly kill his entire race in the upcoming SotC remake next year.


TomatoDragon543d ago

Been waiting for this concept artbook.for a while. Finally.

Einhander1971543d ago

Personally think controls were designed to be slightly awkward to make the experience. This game is fantastic with the connection you make with Trico and the AI is pretty amazing also. Superb unique as ever from team Ico play it you won't regret it once you start getting deeper into it.

mahmoods26543d ago

I got this a few days ago from Amazon. It's well worth it if you want to know how the team developed each level, enemy, characters and how it relates to shadow of the colossus and Ico. There's a lot of detail within the book. The only drawback is that it's much wider than it is taller. Similar to the mad max art book.

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