Johan Peitz Talks Need for Speed Payback

Gamer Pros editor Jordan Aslett had the chance to run into Johan Peitz at EA Play and talk about EA and Ghost Games' upcoming title 'Need for Speed Payback'

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GT67279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Question : why is Ea holding back the cop chase footage in payback ? i was Disappointed . waiting to be goosebump Hyped to buy payback , All we seen fast and the furious wannabe clip.
what a Bummer .

can we Please !! have old-fashioned cop and chase NFS without unwanted always online,alldrive,autolog,always nighttime driving ,burnout wannabe ,fast and the furious wannabe,GT wannabe , project cars wannabe ,Drive Club wannabe ,Dirt wannabe ,Ridge Racer wannabe ,F1 wannabe . Give us plain old school closed Circuit ,drag racing ,Challenged mode, cop chasing NFS with Frostbye engine .