Activision E3 Booth Images Show Huge Demand For Call Of Duty World War 2

Activision had a great return to the main floor at E3 2017 after doing meetings only in 2016. They had a huge booth and were packed from the start with many of the 15,000 members of the public attending E3 for the first time waiting hours in line for a chance to play the game. Skewed and Reviewed has posted some images from their booth that shows just how packed it was.

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CrimsonWing69343d ago

Isn't that why this franchise is still going?

Garethvk343d ago

Considering you have had all sorts of people saying the franchise was dying, people do not care about it anymore, and the fact that even Activision had to admit that Infinite Warfare was a disappointment it shows that the WW2 game and series has a huge demand and interest. They were capping the line for the day at 40 minutes into the show it was so large.