With the raw power of Xbox One X, Microsoft has a shot at getting back on top

It might be hard to imagine now, given how the last few years have gone, but once upon a time the Xbox was thought of as the powerhouse console. Though Microsoft didn't always have quite the same robust library PlayStation was able to offer, especially in the era of the original Xbox and the PS2, what it did have was a small but significant technological edge. With the Xbox One X, Microsoft aims to get back to its king-of-the-tech-hill status, and it's a distinction that the brand needs badly right now.

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Septic281d ago

Well not on top of Sony that's for sure.

It's just a step towards righting some of the x1's shortcomings. First party AAA's will be mote persuasive in really righting the problems of Xbox this gen (and late last gen).

Septic281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Still, the beastly specs of 1X show that MS are willing to fight and that's great.

naruga281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

^^keep talking to yourself ...someday he ill be convinced

lodossrage280d ago

...did you just reply to yourself?

280d ago
Thegamer41280d ago

Probably forgot to log into one of his alt accounts before replying.

sonarus280d ago

Thats great if Microsoft thinks it will get them back untop. It will still be up to them to show off games that are taking advantage of their new system and all its cool features. It will be up to them to either produce games or pay someone else to produce games that takes as much advantage of their system as possible. They weren't able to do that with the original Xbox One but at least they have a shot to do it with Xbox One X.

joab777280d ago

No. They don't. It shows that they are confused about what is important, and can't find their place this gen. It's like they wanna move into the PC sphere, but it's dominates by Valve.

If we remember, these are upgrades marketed towards 4k gamers, which remains a niche market. They need to invest in software, and recent comments are very worrisome.

Babadook7280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Raw power eh?
"To me Xbox have always ben about power" - Phil Spencer

That's why you never win. It's about games.

butchertroll280d ago

Beastly specs and "true" 4k. Oh, wait. I heard that XboneX is not imune to dynamic scaling and checkerboard.

MagicBeanz280d ago

Septic working harder than Major Nelson to sell us all an xbone x. Hopefully he's on the M$ payroll.

Septic280d ago

Magic brah, put in a good word for me. I need to get paid royalties for using the word beast every time 😚

Aenea280d ago


You can't seriously be saying that about Septic!

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen280d ago

Power is great, but it's nothing without exclusive software that makes use of it.

KillZallthebeast280d ago

Lol I enjoy septic he gets everyone all riled up no matter what he says...he's like the trump of n4g XD

OmnislashVer36280d ago

True, I guess. But Xbox is running out of steam regardless. There's only so many times people will buy a console for Halo/Forza/Gears/Crackdown.

Xbox was a cool alt console back in the day because it had different games with a technical edge. But nowadays we've had enough of those games. We got 3 Halos last-gen, 4 Gears, and how many Forza? No matter the edge people just can't play the same damn games so many times in a single gen.

By time MS even has a chance for a new AAA IP PS5 will be here and "The Beast" will be bested by a more powerful console with more competent developers. Just imagine what a 8-10 TFLOPS/16 GB console can do with a capable dev like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, or Insomniac. It's going to put XB1X to shame.

Phil said those new exclusives they signed are 2-3 years away, just in time for PS5 to kick Scorpio's ass.

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Brave_Losers_Unite280d ago

I just came back from Walmart and overheard someone talking about the Xbox One X and how Sony is developing PS5 to counter it. I wish I had told he is talking bullshit lol

KionicWarlord222280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

He wont see Ps5 till like possibly 2020 at the earliest. Let him down easy.

xfiles2099280d ago

It wont be that long more like they will announce maybe at PSX or E3 next year and launch 2019

280d ago
Dark_Knightmare2280d ago

What's funny about 2019 that will have been 6 years since PS4 released I can easily see it releasing in 2019

MegamanXXX280d ago


He's just upset because Microsoft is losing this generation 😁

343_Guilty_Spark280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

I couldn't care less MegaManXXX I own a PS4 Pro and will be buying an X.
Must hurt you inside knowing I will do what I want with my money. Go cry in a corner

Brave_Losers_Unite280d ago

Idk, they sounded like gangsters and said the comment about PS5 and when you mix stupid with gangsters things can elevate

Dark_Knightmare2280d ago

Actually he's not I mean is it in development right now no probably not but its def in conception phase and being ready to release in 2 or 3 years

KwietStorm280d ago

They "sounded like gangsters?" Why don't you say what you really mean.

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sk8ofmnd280d ago

With the raw power of the xbox1x, 3rd partys still run at checkerboard 4k 30... There fixed.

MrSega280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Ps2 and Xbox all over again, what makes a console to have success are the games lineup, not the power. PSP vs DS, VITA vs 3DS, PS1 vs N64, PS2 vs Xbox...

Segata280d ago

NES vs SMS. Wii vs PS360. Game Boy vs well everything.

Segata280d ago

They were never on top.

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