Is PlayStation For the Player and Does Cross Play Really Matter

It's been a bad week for Sony, in terms of PR. With the announcement of cross play on Minecraft and Rocket League, from Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony, has decided against the idea for the protection of its user base. Poli games host, Joseph talks about how the the Utopian idea of cross play, and the very real outcomes of it, if it was a reality why Sony's reluctance on the idea isn't problematic or anti consumer, but rather not in their interests as a company, that's just fine.

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PhoenixUp277d ago

Dragon Quest X will have cross play between PS4, Wii U, 3DS, PC, & Switch so Sony isn't entirely against the idea

Septic277d ago

If enough pressure is applied to Sony, they will reconsider their stance.

Cross play can really pick up momentum now everyone is playing ball except Sony.

SpineSaw277d ago

Sony is supporting cross play on some select titles. With that said there is little or no demand from the PS4 gamers to do this and you say "if enough pressure is applied". Well, pressure can only come from the PS4 players not from Microsoft nor the gaming media which is no more than YouTube trolls and no talent Journalist that can't get a real job and again when talking about the Sony system there's no demand for this from those that count "the PS4 gamers" and add to that Sony is never, ever going to get in bed with Microsoft and TBH that's a plan all PS4 gamers should support.

Aenea277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Perhaps apply pressure on MS as well so they remove the silly idea of having to log in to XBL for crossplay to work... It isn't necessary and I think that this type of thing is the reason Sony isn't on board with it...

Let's face it, if Sony is okay to allow cross-play with all other platforms but not Xbox, there can only be 2 reasons:
1) they don't like the idea of Xbox and PS users to play together, could be a business decision
2) they don't agree with the terms under which MS is willing to allow cross-play

I believe it is 2) for the most part which is what I've been saying ever since MS stated that "they had made something" to make it possible. Which made me believe they wanted people to use something of theirs.
Tho, in all honesty, I can see it be both in reality. Sony doesn't like the terms AND they also feel it could hurt their bottom line to boot.

If it was only 1) they can be tempted to allow it since it's something unknown and they should be confident in their own product and not lose users to Xbox because of cross-play, but if the terms are not okay then no amount of pressure from users is going to make Sony cave in to this.

We can pressure them to come up with an alternate way and talk with MS about it.

And the comment that was made by them about "... other stakeholders..." to me means they are exactly doing that, the other stakeholders being MS. They didn't say shareholders, or said our stakeholders, no other stakeholders...


I would like the idea tho to play against more people, good be fun!

XisThatKid276d ago

I thought this was kinda messed up for me. I would've felt more comfortable if Sony's logo was in that Universal play minecraft trailer but then I realized this is one game a game I don't play and I don't play Rocket league either. So in the end this doesn't effect me besides most of my friends have PCs or PS4 and some of my games already have cross between them. Other than for brownie points or arsenal in arguments mm debates used with or against me on the internet I personally couldn't care less.
Besides I think Sony will come around, remember when Nintendo said that the future of gaming isn't in the internet and that CDs would never be the standard for game distribution? Remember when Sony said they'd never charge for online then eventually switched it to."for PS3"?

Septic276d ago


"Perhaps apply pressure on MS as well so they remove the silly idea of having to log in to XBL for crossplay to work... "

Please look at Rocket League and then come back to me

Kribwalker276d ago


Just incase you needed help looking it up

freshslicepizza276d ago

I didn't realize Rocket League required PS4 owners to sign into Xbox Live?

People just love to make stuff up on the fly, just like Sony and trying to ptotect its users because children play Minecraft. It's clear some people here are just as bad as Sony in their reasoning which makes me think they too enjoy the segregation. I guess they are shareholders too.

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AspiringProGenji277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

They could have used a better excuse to explain their reason. Either way, they have the right to refuse if it gets in their way of business or whatever regardless whether we want crossplay or not . This has been done before already; nothing new. We don't always get what we want. Welcome to Earth!

Last time MS was taunting Sony and even Blizzard talk about Crossplay between PS4 and Xbox, I got excited and tweeted PS and Yoshida senpai about it and got no anwers, so I just dropped it. And everyone forgot about Crossplay. And here we are at it again. Now we wait until this topic dies again because Sony is making it creal they don't want it.

Ilikethemall85277d ago

I really don't understand what Sony has over you people, but it's really disgusting how you their fans wont call them out for any of their BS. You make up excuses for them not giving you EA access, back compat, delayed exclusives and now this whole cross play thing. It must be nice to be in sony position and know I can fart in my fans face and they will say it's just business. I really sometimes find my self looking at my Xbox one and Ps4 and can't understand why anyone would choose Sony as the better company of the 2.

AspiringProGenji277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

EA access is the only thing so far that bothers me and I did call them out for it because they shouldn't make choices for the fans. Still, I don't miss it. I don't play EA sports games, so the feature would be useless even if it was on PS4.

BC and Crossplay are two things that don't bother me. You know things that both companies do aren't supoosed to bother eveyrone right? I doesn't matter if Sony doesn't follow every step MS does. As long as they keep the new games flowing, they will have me. I don't need to play old games I already played in their time or cross playing Minecraft

So that is why they are the better company to me. It is because of the games!

And delayed exclusives? That is the best you can come with? How about CANCELLED exclusives? You don't wanna get there buddy...

ceballos77mx276d ago

You seem to forget what MS wanted to do at the xbox one reveal, now im not defending sony, but MS is no saint either.

GamingIVfun277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

They may be making it clear that they don't want cross play with Xbox One or through Xbox Live servers, they have cross play games with PC and will have cross play with every system but Xbox One with Dragon Quest X. They had cross play with PC on several games, long before Microsoft even mentioned cross play with consoles. They will probably have cross play with other games in the future.

I know when Sony mentioned wanting cross play with consoles there wasn't a peap from Microsoft about it. Now Microsoft is Show boating with it and making sure everyone knows that Sony isn't participating on the two games that are supporting it through Xbox Live servers.

trooper_277d ago


Where was Microsoft when Sony first introduced the idea?

Garethvk277d ago

I think it depends on the game. Cross Play on Star Trek: Bridge Crew has been a huge advantage as it has expanded the number of games I can play. I Do think though that should be for big pending games like EA Star Wars Battlefield 2, Call of Duty: WWII and so on.

BlakHavoc277d ago

Take a look at Sony's ridiculous 2017 lineup and try and tell me they're not for the gamers. Since we're all here for the games, idk how anyone can say Sony isn't for gamers...

TekoIie277d ago

I wouldn't say any of the big 3 deep down are for the gamers.

I think there are people within the companies that are. But as a whole not really.

BlakHavoc276d ago

Truth is these companies only "care" about the gamer because we're their source of revenue, but it goes both ways, do any of us really give a damn about Sony, MS, or Nintendo? This relationship between the company and the consumer only works if both sides are getting what they want. Sony will provide games just as long as we keep buying them, they care about the money, we care about the games. It honestly annoys me when ppl try and claim one company cares more about gamers than another. Psh, once a company realizes that they have the consumers support and they almost monopolize a market, they start to rest on their laurels and become complacent because they kno ppl will buy their product no matter what. You'll be hard pressed trying to find an extremely successful company that continues to innovate and try new things.

Kribwalker276d ago

Jim Ryan literally said they were for the stakeholders. Part 2 of his excuse against crossplay after he said it was because of the children....

TheColbertinator277d ago

I wish you people were as passionate for this as for stopping microtransactions,DRM,buggy launches and paid online services.

Picking your battles I guess.

ninsigma277d ago

Yeah because BC and Crossplay are totally the same as those...not.

Imalwaysright276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

Crossplay not as much but BC is as important as those for me considering that I never sold any of my games. As someone that has supported playstation for over 20 years, I think it would be nice if Sony offered at least PS1 and PS2 BC on the PS4.

ninsigma276d ago

At this point bc isn't important. Nice but not important. However, if Sony go for a similar architecture for PS5 as PS4 and don't do BC I'll be as mad as everyone else about it because there would be no excuse then.

Imalwaysright276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

It is important to me otherwise I would have sold all my PS1/PS2/PS3 discs a long time ago. As for the PS5, I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't have BC as Sony is obviously making money on remasters/remakes of games from previous generations. I hope I'm wrong but like TekoIie said above, these companies main goal is profit and if gamers keep buying those remasters/remakes and saying that BC isn't important then Sony doesn't have any reason to offer BC as it would only hurt their bottom line.

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