Xbox 360 sales up by 214%

Microsoft has announced that new figures published by Chart Track have revealed a massive 214% rise in sales for the Xbox 360 in the last two weeks. The console also outsold the PlayStation 3 by more than two-to-one in the UK.

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NO_PUDding3730d ago

Wow, lol at the people sayign it would be a massive outselling.

The 360 is half the price, and the price cut spike only sees it double it's WAY more expensive competition?

PirateThom3730d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't be celebrating if that's all you can do when you have 2 SKUs that are cheaper than the Wii.

TheMART3730d ago

You're wrong. The Arcade is half the price. The Premium and Elite are still more close to the PS3's price.

Furthermore, this is a huge sales spike. The 360 will be in lead again on sales. That means the PS3 won't be able to close the gap in sales, the 360 even will build on that lead.

Third, the software for fall/winter isn't even out. Wait untill Fable 2, Fallout 3, Gears 2 etc. are out. Wait untill the Christmas sales start.

Parents don't buy 400 bucks presents so fast as 200 bucks presents for their kids. Simple as that.

You are just a scared PS3 fan running around like a headless chicken.

NO_PUDding3730d ago

I'm not that scared.

They're consoles.

It just looks to me like the monumental sales taht were rpomised really aren't there. You have to understand, THIS is a spike.

PirateThom3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Mart, this is ChartTrack, it's for the UK. The Arcade has been cheaper than the Wii for a long time now, after the recent price drop:

DS - £100
Arcade - £130
PSP Slim - £130
Pro - £170
Wii - £180
Elite - £230
PS3 - £300

So, no, it's not really that impressive to outsell the PS3 by only 2 to 1 when you have 2 SKUs priced cheaper than a Wii and one is your flagship unit and 1 is the same price as a PSP.

juuken3730d ago

Thom, stop preaching common sense! >.<

Xelai3730d ago

It is Europe, Sony´s stronghold, at least till 2005 that is, any lead in Europe is a phenomenal achievement ( pun intended ).

Now I am going to get out my popcorn and laugh at the comments of all losers that feel offended with something like this.

Death3730d ago

I guess cost can be used as an arguement. At the same time you can look at market share too. Sony has owned more than 75% of the market for the last two generations. Nintendo had about 12% and Microsoft around 13%. The Wii is dominating in every territory and the Xbox 360 which already had a head start is priced in the mass market range and gaining momentum.

Is it simply a spike? It's hard to say since spikes are short term gains without sustained sales. Seeing as we are heading into the Holiday buying season soon, it will be difficult to measure. I do however know that Sony has cut atelast as much off their retail price in order to remain competative. These price cuts you blame for Microsofts success have already been used by Sony in a shorter amount of time.


Sony Rep3730d ago


They still can't outsell the PS3 globally.


gaffyh3730d ago

I would actually have been more suprised if the 360 didn't sell this much after the price drop. If the price drop didn't have this effect then MS would be in big trouble

Dareaver13730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

such profound insight, as usual. This is great for gaming, i don't know what all the fuss is about.

Just think of it this way, the pressure that MS is putting on, can lead to another PS3 price cut. See how great this can be. That means more people on Live and PSN to play with.

How is this not a good thing. Please stop trolling and acting like you have stock with these companies. The blind loyalty is just plain stupid.

With the US economy on the rocks, this is a step in the right direction, the US makes up a huge market share in the gaming market. If we want our hobby to keep up the momentum, then things like these are necessary.

But it's also funny that people mock a company for doing price cuts, calling it desperation. I know many people who appreciate these price cuts, and it's to stay competitive.

Some of the people on this sight have no business sense.

Edit: wow, i got disagrees, hmmm, how can price cuts not be seen as a good thing.... Will the mysteries never cease.

Bladestar3730d ago

@PirateThom - which one is it? No long ago I recall you and other xbox 360 haters saying that the price drop would not matter and that the xbox 360 would still be oversold by the PS3... well... it does not seem that way...

Here is what sell consoles... the combination of games and price... and the xbox 360 have both...

Sorry for the pain the xbox 360 is causing you haters...

The Lazy One3730d ago

360 just outsold PS3 in japan, it's just sold more in EU, and it's sold better this month in the US. Did the other market suddenly explode?

juuken3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

...PirateThom is not an MS hater. You can call me an MS hater if you want but Pirate Thom is right.

And Lazy One, while that may be true...notice how the numbers dropped from around 28,000 the first week and then 14,000 the second week. I could be mistaken but the 360 should be outselling the PS3 constantly in Japan and not just a couple of weeks.

Good for Microsoft for the boost in sales but it's not mindblowing or anything.

sonarus3730d ago

impressive UK figures. Sony will need to cut the price though. This is the 2nd MSoft price cut with no sony response

Bladestar3730d ago

@juuken - funny you mention japan to try to make a point... The xbox 360 should not sell more consoles in japan not even for 1 day... we are talking about japan... a country that was never interested in Microsoft or an american console... beating Sony in their home is a plus... why not use the US and the UK where they are obviously not bias against microsoft and the American consoles?

Name 1 week where the original xbox beat the PS2? You are trying to undermine how well microsoft is doing (including in Japan) but fail to consider how well the xbox 360 is doing compared to the previous generation... the fact that the xbox 360 capture more marketshare than the original xbox in half the time.

And here we are almost 2 years after the PS3 release and the xbox 360 still lead in terms of installbase... but that's not all... but it's actually beating the PS3 in japan... almost 2 years after the PS3 launch? No one though that would be possible... by now the PS3 was suppose to be selling at least 5-10 times more consoles than the xbox 360 in all regions...

tudors3730d ago

roughly translated what you mean is that you are devastated that the Xbox-360 is still doing about sour grapes.

IdleLeeSiuLung3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Well to developers it doesn't matter if it is growing at a slower rate than it's competitor or how relative sales are. The bottom line is the number of console units sold matters. If Xbox continues to sell better than PS3, then most of your beloved HD games will find a home on the Xbox for sure and the PS3 will be a second thought.

I think double the unit sales now is a strong momentum, especially in Europe were the PS3 is extremely strong. This is a momentum that is likely to not just be a spike since it will be carried through the holidays. This will furthen the gap, while the blu-ray advantage is eroding as stand-alone players get cheaper.

This is good news for gamers, because this will force Sony to be more competitive.

juuken3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Bladestar, I did not undermine anything.

I will admit that Microsoft has most certainly done a lot better than they did with the original XBox, but this is nothing to brag about. I wouldn't count Sony and Nintendo out of this battle yet just because they managed to get through with sales based on the price cut. Nintendo is still in the lead. Arguably, Sony is still in 3rd place but is gaining momentum.

True, Microsoft did outsell Sony in their home base but the question is how long will that last?

They have a huge battle ahead of them and I hope they're ready for it.

power of Green 3730d ago

People see value in a product that is outperforming the more expensive product.

The 360 is in the mass market range and offers the same gaming experience as PS3(for the most part), The only thing keeping this thing(fight) from being the PS2 all over again(last generation) is Sony's brand recognition.

PirateThom3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Bladestar - I think you'll find I never said it wouldn't have an effect, I said don't expect miracles because 360 is already the lowest priced console in Europe. As it turns out, I was pretty much right. Look at my handy-dandy pricing guide above and tell me if you think Microsoft would consider this a victory or not (really, not from the PR department).

At that price, it should be competing with the Wii, but has managed a minor lead over the PS3.

Now people are trying to spin this as the death of the PS3, when it's blantantly not.

Death3730d ago

It really depends on which SKU is selling the most. The Elite is priced closely to the PS3 while the Pro and Arcade are significantly less. If the increased sales is all Arcades, then you have a valid point. If it's not, then the point isn't that solid. The bottom line is a product will only sell for what people are willing to pay. If Sony is comfortable with lower sales at a higher price point, then this isn't an issue.

The other thing to consider is it's Sony that decided to price their console much higher than everyone elses. If you believe that Sony's sales are low because of the price, then isn't this a flaw in Sony's own strategy?


Man_of_the_year3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Death, stop preaching common sense! >.<

@ PirateThom

I have read so far up to this point and i have yet to see anyone claim that the PS3 is DEAD...It seems you are exaggerating just a bit there, from the comments i see is that recognition should be made that even after a lot of PS3 fanboys (including yourself and Juuken) seem to think that the PS3 has all this momentum going into the holiday season...which i have said before that it doesn't, atleast not gained any since nothing has really changed within the last 6 moths to create any new is just basically riding the momentum it had 6 moths ago...

pumpkinpunker3730d ago

210% sales increase is no big deal...wasn't this supposed to be the "year of teh PStriple?" Some year so far. The X360 had a 6 million lead at the beginning of 2008 and now has a 5.4 million lead and is gaining ground again rapidly.

you do realize that all signs indicate that the PS3 is getting stomped this holiday season, right? Gears of War 2 is set to put up Halo-like sales numbers. With the release of Fable 2, the X360 should have 2 of the best RPGs so far this gen as exclusives, Fable 2 and Mass Effect. Not to mention exclusive DLC for Fallout 3 and GTA 4. Not to mention Banjo-Kazooie, Last Remnant, and Star Ocean 4 coming out as 360 exclusives.

It's all over for the PStriple. I would only buy one if they sold it for $150 because that would be a cheap blu-ray player.

The Makr3730d ago

A 100% increase would be doubling 360 sales. 214% means you sold what you originally sold, plus over twice that again on top of it. Not sure where you are getting that it sold double the PS3, unless I totally missed it.

Death3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

The wording can be confusing. Sales are up 214%. This means Xbox 360 sales are twice as high as they were before the cut. Essentially, the Xbox 360 and PS3 sales were equal. If they were equal, that would make them both at 100%. 100% is also the value they are using of last months sales. Doubling their previous sales would give them 200%. This is how they get the 2-1 ratio.

Here's an easy example:
If in August you sell 10 apples and 10 oranges, both values represent 100% of your monthly sales. In September you sell 10 apples, but 20 oranges. Apple sales remain 100% of the previous months sales, but orange sales are up 200% since you sold not only the same amount as last month, but increased that by another 100%.


ChrisGTR13730d ago

360 is gonna do the massive outselling during november/december. theyll sell a good 3.5 million during this time.

hazeblaze3730d ago

The 360 may very well come out ahead of the PS3 this gen. The PS3 can stop any lead the 360 has right now if Sony responds with a price cut soon enough. But MS will probably be the first to cut their price every year... forcing Sony to react instead of being proactive. Sony would've crushed the 360 if it were $300 when LBP came out... maybe they'll reach that price point by the time GOWIII comes out.

Bangladesh3730d ago

A 200% increase means sales have tripled braintrust. A 100% increase on 1=2, a 200% increase on 1=3.

Beast_Master3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Ya'll just need to simm-a-down-now. Look it don't matter what place your fav console is in they will all be over 20 mill in worldwide sales by 2009, which means no 3rd party exclusives. To put it in perspective last gen the gamecube finished last and only sold 23 mill worldwide. We are only 2 and 3 years in and each console will surpass that number by alot. More and more people are buying both consoles these days. Let me throw this out there as well, Last year Sony was selling just 24k consoles a week, now they are selling twice as many. Hey like it or not people with HDTVs will continue to buy PS3's for that aspect, and people will pick up the 360 for it's lower price. Point being this isn't a nail in the coffin for Sony or MS. It is fun to rag fanboys though I will admit.

Death3729d ago

If you sell 5 units in March and then 5 in April, you sold 100% from month to month. If you sell 5 units in April and 10 in may, you have doubled your sales or sold 200%.

You can sell 200% more than the last month or have an increase of 200% from the last month. Selling 200% more than last month would be selling the same amount, and then 200% more than that which is essentially triple. An increase of 200% from the last month would be doubling 100% of the previous month.

Another example, if you sell 10 apples every month, you need to sell 10 apples next month to sell 100% of the apples from the month before. If you only sell 9 apples, that means you had sales of 90% from the last month. If you sold 11 apples, you sold 110% of the apples from the prior month. 12 apples would be 120%, 13 would be 130% etc, untill you sold 20 apples which is 200% from the month before.

Microsoft and Sony both sold about the same amount of consoles in the UK last month which is why the increase to 217% comes out to a sales lead of 2-1. If Microsoft sold half the consoles, the 217% would be roughly 1-1.


Megatron083729d ago

While that just confirms that the 360 is now out selling the ps3 globally. Its been out selling it in the US for a long time and as of late 360 been out selling the ps3 in japan (even out sold the wii a couple of weeks) now its out selling them in the uk too. Its no wonder ps3 fanboys are so up set and trying any SDF logic they can think of to down play this. Like the sony out sold ms in the last 2 gens lol

BISHOP-BRASIL3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )


PS3 have been outselling 360 in US for long time now, just look at NPD.

The same goes for practically all of Europe (UK is the mess, but I'm pretty sure even there, this year, PS3 has sold more units) with Chart Track and GfK (parent company of Chart Track).

For Japan... Lol... Keep positive thinking.

And for the rest of the regios... In UK, a pricecut and FIFA leaked should have done heaven for 360. But it don't even have surpassed last PS3 pricecut motivated arise.

Bangladesh3729d ago

I understand what you are saying, but that isn't what it means when a company says sales have increased 200%. Do you announce to everyone each week that you got a 100% pay increase at your job, when you are making the same amount? If sales had doubled, they would have announced a 100% increase. Get what I'm saying? Your base number is not defined in the word INCREASE.

u got owned3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

@ Bangladesh

I think your theory makes more sense to me. Its only logical that if you have increase your sales by 100% then you have double you sales while a 200% increase mean that you have triple your sales. Im with you on this one. I might be wrong though.

Death3729d ago

The sales last month were approx 1:1 with the PS3. Now they are selling 2:1. I'm almost positive 2 is twice as much as 1. If my calculations are correct, that would mean sales couldn't have tripled since that would be 3:1. If sales are 214% and they are selling at a rate of 2:1 then 214% is double unless you feel that last month sales were 0:1.


godofthunder103729d ago

I've read a lot of these post and they are almost all bias.The fact is that when sony is able to drop the price on their consoles they do it as qiickly as possiable.The fact is that it's microsoft that's able to drop their prices on their consoles because they are already makeing money.
The reason that sony can't drop the price on the ps3 alot is because they are still loseing money.Don't forget that sony borrowed millions because of the ps3 before it was even released.Sony also borrowed millions for the ps3 after the release to keep it going when they couldn't give them away.Sony also sold companies because of the debt the ps3 caused them.If it wasn't for the ps2 the ps3 would've been discontinued about a year ago.
The majority of people want belive me.The fact is that sony,microsoft,nintendo and other gameing companies doesn't make the majority of their money off the sells of consoles.The fact is that it's game sells that bring in a lot of profit for these companies.
The problem is with sony is that they took a big chance putting out a console that costs to much to make.This is the reason that sony is in a bind now.Because it cost to much they can't sell them at a lower price where people could still afford them or want to even spend that much money on a game system for their kids.Sony isn't just loseing millions on the ps3 they are in last place in game sells to and that's not good.
Sony knows that they want win this gen war.Sony seen how big it helped microsoft when they released the 360 a year earlier.Sony also seen that it's a such thing as trying to be the top dog and make a system that's just to expensive for most people.
They already said that all 3 consoles will be out in 2011 or 2012 but i've heard that sony might do what microsoft did and released the ps4 a year early.It help microsoft take a big share of the market from sony and sony knows buisness,if something worked for some one it will work for them to.
I'm not saying that sony isn't selling ps3s.I'm saying that profit wise sony lost this gen war.The fact is that in 3 or 4 years all 3 new systems will be out.There isn't no way that sony could turn the ps3 over and make a profit in that little of time with all the millions they still owe on the ps3.
The wii is makeing the biggest profit of all.It's the cheapest to make and it's out selling the other 2.The 360 is makeing a profit now.The only 1 out of the 3 that's still loseing money is sony.

karlostomy3729d ago

No, Death, you are wrong.

Read the Headline:
"Xbox 360 sales up by 214%"

The wording is deliberate!

Consider the implication if the headline had been this:
"Xbox 360 sales up by 100%"
In this case, would you say that sales were 1:1 compared to the previous month? No, obviously not. In that Sentence, the implication is that sales have doubled.

Now apply that same logic to this headline:
"Xbox 360 sales up by 214%"
The implication here is obviously that sales have tripled.

Hope that clears it up for y'all.

Death3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Here's the press release.

"XBOX 360(TM) SALES MORE THAN DOUBLE" and "New figures announced today by ChartTrack saw sales of the Microsoft® Xbox 360 increase by 214%" along with "outselling Sony's PlayStation 3 by more than two-to-one" should be what you pay attention to. Read the press release for yourselves and see if that makes it clear.


karlostomy3728d ago

Your quote:
"New figures announced today by ChartTrack saw sales of the Microsoft® Xbox 360 increase by 214%"

Just repeats what we've been saying.

If sales "increase by 214%" then that means Sales are 100% + 214% = 314%

Try to think a little, Death.

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Omega43730d ago

Not that surprising the UK is 360 land just like the US is, similar tastes mean similar sales

DarK-SilV3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

UK so what,

MS and Xboxfan are so desperate to brag about UK

remember Xboxfan UK is part of EU, remember that

Overall PS3 is leading in EU

zimbo0073730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Just like Japan it will be back to normal in the 3rd week

However X360 gained almost no momentum in other eu regions like Spain/Germany /Italy where PS3 is outselling it 2:1

as soon as there is a price cut then sales go up momentarily for a week or 2. Nothing to see here

PS3 still outsold x360 in PAL regions when u consider total sales nothing to see for MS

TheOtherGuy3730d ago

Microsoft cant stop telling LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

If they were Pinocchio,their NOSE would start here-------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- -------------------and end here XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shane Kim3730d ago

Hahaha actually I'm having my nose upp Billy Boys @ss right now.

Resistance--------Ge3730d ago

It's a temporary surge that leads to nothing

caffman3730d ago

You are doing the PS3 fanboy side no favours!

Pain3730d ago

Cheap Space Heaters a Plenty.

GiantEnemyCrab3730d ago

Nasim give your future telling powers a rest!

Btw - What the hell ever happened to Judgement Day you went on like a crazy man about? Then when it never happened you disappeared and now I see you are back with yet another account.

Yes, the 2:1 over the PS3 is just for the UK but read the article:

"This data shows that the Xbox 360 trajectory continues upwards, and not just in the UK. We've seen uplift in all countries in Europe and are confident that even..."

JasonPC360PS3Wii3730d ago

All but one of these is Nasim.

sak5003729d ago

Ah days of nasim/shmee/tanod/larry007

What i'm surprised at is shane's bubble count. He's one of the biggest trolls here and still hv plenty of bubbles. Lets burst some of his bal.. oops bubbles

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pp3730d ago

Great news for Microsoft with awesome games coming out this holiday season xbox360 would be the only console to choose for the consumers

zimbo0073730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Plus an X360 is 1/3 the price of a PS3 --169 pounds for euro

and 129 pounds for ARCADE

However PS3 is still outselling x360 2:1 or more in other eu regions

a surge for 1/2 weeks wont last

ps3 is outselling x360 in terms of total pal sales

nop doubt there. just UK surge wont offset the huge advantage ps3 has in that region


even at half the price

It is getting hammered by PS3 in total EU sales

U do realiza that dont you. Plus in terms of WW sales x360 is selling as good as PS3

oh these price cuts have temporary surges which disappear after 2 weeks/3

what happened to x360 in Japan?

Sony Rep3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Has a RROD.

Look at his Avatar.


Sez 3730d ago

i agree. i can't wait for fable 2,banjo, gears 2,LR, and more to be released this holiday. i even started working overtime just have enought money for gifts and these games.

by the way love your avatar. i miss playing my 360 since i started working overtime. guess i will start back playing this weekend.

GiantEnemyCrab3730d ago

ZimboNasim: "However PS3 is still outselling x360 2:1 or more in other eu regions".

I suppose you get your numbers from VGChartz? You got some links to back that up?

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Silogon3730d ago

I see another week where xbox 360 wins in Japan and that is going to crush Sony. The will have beat Sony for the 1st time in Japan for monthly sales and that hurts, guys.

I predict

Ps3 - 7345 units sold in japan this week
xbox 360 - 10,477 units sold in japan this week

I predict

Ps3 - 100,304 units sold in america this week
Xbox 360 -230,900 units sold in America this week

I predict

Ps3 - 80,000 units sold in Europe for the week
xbox 360 - 145,000 units sold in Europe for the week

End ressults, Sony's in massive trouble going into the holidays and they did it to themselves.

P4KY B3730d ago

Are we close enough to the holidays for the momentum to keep MS out in front for the next 3 months?

Could MS have peaked to early?

NO_PUDding3730d ago

No the question is... how clueles are you Silogon?

100k in a wekk for PS3 is amazing without a price cut.

And 200k would only really be 'good' for the 360 since it's price is so low.

Think about it.

50k a week is about avergae, theres no reaosn for the PS3 to go up.

Xelai3730d ago

1 000 sales for a Ferrari is also amazing, but it does not provide market share nor gas stations love the revenue provided by Ferrari owners.

lowcarb3730d ago

Good question but the timing seems to be pretty good given the state of the US economy.


Japan is, maybe, the only place that 360 is directly fighting PS3 on this month.

By your own prediction, PS3 would have stayed neutral in sales in US and EU. So, 360 is not lowering PS3 steam, but get his own.

But I really think you are way off on EU, consider the FIFA factor and EU loves PS3...

Japan, in the other hand, you are partially right, this COUDL be 360 chance to hurt Sony... If 360 have a tittle that push to the top 10 software in EVERY MONTH. That is the problem, MS has pushed for Japanese games (which is right for then, they were losing money there), but now, what will they put up for holiday? Early next year? Gears Of War 2?

They are not hurting PS3 more than the Wii is doing... Get it?

I'm not saying it is bad for MS, it isn't. But it's also not that great. Just like PS3 having a good game in Japan, even pushing it over the Wii, isn't that great, because if you have followed BOTH PS3 and 360, their tittles come to the top 10, but never lasts, and consoles comeback to 10k a week...

Either PS3 and 360, to really get thinks right on Japan, need a continuous flux (about a year or so) of Japan-guided games, with at least a real good game no more than 2 months after the last good one, OR they both have to drop price under the Wii.

Maybe even a combination of both and the Wii shall remain Japan king for some time.

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