War of the Chosen was almost XCOM 3

PC Aficionado: "XCOM 2’s massively ambitious expansion, War of the Chosen, is the largest pack of DLC the game has ever received. To put it in perspective, it’s twice the size of XCOM: Enemy Within"

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gangsta_red395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Cannot wait! Seriously...I can't wait!

poolbuddy395d ago

XCOM 2 was one of my favorite games of 2016! I still play it religiously.

gangsta_red395d ago

For real, I have created a bunch of troops that I am way too attached to so much so that I reset the game every time one of them is killed.

zekk392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

I renamed my troops after my friends in ironman legendary difficulty...most are I guess I can't carry them over to the expansion except at a memorial plaque huh

opinionated393d ago

Nice. That's what I love about systems heavy games. They are "add-ins" not "add-ons".