Microsoft Was E3 2017's Biggest Loser

Microsoft needs to stop saying and start doing for the sake of the Xbox brand.

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chrisx310d ago

Well Sony and Nintendo had much better presentations, so i agree

darthv72310d ago

Ubisoft and Nintendo is more like it.

S2Killinit310d ago

Sony definitly had a better showing than the smoke and mirror show at MS this year.

naruga310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

MS shows was nt bad in relation to what they showed , was bad in relation to the place they have now in sales and the appealing of Xone,. Xone fans were thirsty for games and their saliva for exclusives was drowning the the forums and sites .....if Sony and MS were changing places (MS 1st with its Xone and Sony 2nd with its PS4) ..Sony would have a rampage stampede of titles and the foor would be lava from hot exclusive titles in order to get the pole position again

RpgSama310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

You have to be SO detached from what gamers really want when you are the only console maker to show a new and highly awaited console and still be last for the show, these guys stopped caring long ago, they know they have theirs fans so they will just preach to the choir, zero extra effort

OmnislashVer36310d ago

naruga, seriously? Most of those exclusives are indie games, not AAA

And even so Sony has more non-AAA games.

If they were in opposite positions I'd be jumping ship to Xbox. But they're not, so glad I jumped ship to PS4.

And I'd recommend that to anyone playing on 360/XB1 now that wants to upgrade- don't buy a XB1X, buy a PS4(Pro).

naruga310d ago

@Omnislash ...oh man .....*facepalm* we say the same thing ! ..i m bored to explain ....

Haurus310d ago


There was no smoke and mirrors. You are making assumptions because you cannot handle the reality of MS slaughtering Sony this year. This was Sonys weakest E3 in 4-5 years. MS may not have had any exclusives but the exitement factor for the games they showed off was far greater than Sonys presentation, which consisted almost enitrely of VR titles and new trailers for games that were already shown at last years E3. The only thing of real worth that Sony showed this year was the HZD DLC. I literally almost fell asleep watching it.

Nintendo > Ubisoft > MS > Bethesda > Sony > EA. If it was not for the HZD DLC, even EA would have beat them.

yeahright2310d ago

@rpgsama, is it them though? (by them I'm assuming you mean Spencer and co. at xbox) I'm thinking it's more MS big wigs that don't see the profits they're used to coming from xbox so they want to shape xbox into a division that focuses on what has been proven to highest possible profit margin.
I mean making new games is risky, so depends on 3rd party
NA and UK buy out console the most, focus on them.
Halo/Forza/Gears sell well, keep pumping them out.
So I don't think Spencer and his team are as much to blame as people think.
*sigh* I just miss the xbox of 10-15 years ago. KOTOR, jade empire, Shenmue 2, alan wake, lost odyssey... I want to love xbox again, but MS just keeps pushing me away.

AmUnRa309d ago

O no, darthv72 you as an Xboxfanboy you are deflecting and just cant exept that the PS conference was better than the Microsoft conference.
Everybody looks right trough you....

darthv72309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Sorry RA... i personally rank the shows like this. Nintendo, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony with EA last.

Sony was better at showing more of the same while MS was better at new stuff but Ubi and Nintendo outdid both.

Seems you cant handle difference of opinion. Everybody looks right through you too.

Skull521309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Besides the reveal of the XBOX and Anthem E3 was pretty underwhelming all around

JackBNimble309d ago

I think it's obvious Phil Spencer is not a gamer and that's exactly the reason that he is way out of touch with what gamers actually want.
His arrogance in believing a powerful console would solve MS problems only fucked MS for the rest of this gen.
It's to late for new exclusive deals for games this gen, they will have to be for the next gen.

Just to bad MS fucked over all you loyal xbox fanboys. Hey... maybe MS will deliver next gen.

badz149309d ago

$500 and not true 4K doomed MS this E3. so many post-conference backpedaling, clarifications, excuses and justifications needed to be made

Skull521309d ago


"His arrogance in believing a powerful console would solve MS problems"

That isn't what happened. Xbox fans asked for a powerful console, and he delivered. Good on Microsoft.

JackBNimble309d ago

Show me anything before the rumors of Scorpio that anyone was asking for a new more powerful console. Especially a more powerful current gen console.

If Phil was a gamer and had gamers interest in mind, then he never would have canceled any new games.

Dragonscale309d ago

MS still came last regardless.

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bluefox755310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

None of them were that great IMO, Sony certainly didn't do as well as last year, so MS had a huge opportunity to come out swinging...but they didn't. Sony didn't really offer any surprises, but they brought great looking games, with real gameplay footage instead of sizzle reels. Whereas with MS, it seemed like they were trying to be deceptive, using clever wording to pass off games as "exclusive" when they really aren't. By far the biggest reaction they got from the crowd was for the ability to play 15 year old games. I would have thought they would have wanted an upcoming game to steal the show.

RpgSama310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

And the crazy thing is that I think Sony held back, Microsoft made the mistake of changing their conference to the day before, allowing Sony to have enough time to strategize, you know Sony didn't show everything when it's show was barely more than 60 minutes, they saved games for TGS, Paris Games Week and PSX.

goldwyncq310d ago

Microsoft's was way better this time though.

RpgSama310d ago

In the words of Tenacious D:

"Yeah, that was awesome, compared to bullshit"

ForeverTheGoat310d ago

Lol "much better"? Nintendo sure but Sony's was just as bad honestly. Really everyone who presented at E3(except ubi and Nintendo) were the biggest losers this year.

XanderZane309d ago

Correct. Fanboys won't agree with you, but neutral unbiased gamers agree 100%.

ForeverTheGoat309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

It's crazy how much fanboys on this site worship these companies.

Unreal01309d ago

I don't agree. And I'm not a fanboy.

You opinionated people are worse than the fanboys.

Bobafret310d ago

If MS had the show to end all shows you would still agree.

XanderZane309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Ubisoft and Nintendo had better conferences. Sony's conference was about the same as Microsoft. Pretty lackluster and not much content. Microsoft actually showed more games then Sony did and had a longer conference. Ubisoft was E3 in the end with Nintendo in 2nd. Both EA and Bethesda were the clear losers at E3 2017. Not sure what shows were watching. They are complete clueless if they think MS' conference was worse then EA or Bethesda's.

M$ did not slaughter Sony. Both conference were bad. Sony's seemed to be more boring from watching the huge crowd of fanboys who weren't clapping at anything they saw on the screen. Microsoft's conference lacked true exclusives and showed some timed exclusive Indies. The Xbox One X hardware was still the most talked about at the E3. Sony lost in that regard, but they probably still had more gamers at their booth playing their games. That's were M$ failed.

RommyReigns309d ago

EXCLUSIIIIIVE! Oh wait, MS left out the key part of most of them being TIMED exclusives :D Typical subliminal messaging led by flip flop Phil.

LexHazard79309d ago

According to you and the fanboys here yeah. But certain surveys had Xbox ahead of Sony for E3.

Dark_Knightmare2309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Yeah just like certain surveys had Sony ahead so whats your point

DiRtY309d ago

Games announced by Sony: 2.
A remaster and a multiplat.

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FallenAngel1984310d ago

The only thing the Xbox brand is good for me is Rare Replay

Aenea310d ago

These 'journalists' need to make up their mind!

As I've said before, no one can actually 'win E3', it's all subjective.

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2cents310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Journalists? lol.

Edit: I am agreeing with you as I know what you meant by 'journalists'. Just agreeing.

SegaGamer310d ago

I hate the whole winning thing, like you say, it's all subjective.

In my opinion, every conference was pretty dull because none of them had anything i really loved.

I think E3 has been pretty average for all companies this year, it's not surprising after though, this is the first average E3 we have had for a while now. I expect next year to be better.

yeahright2310d ago

I don't mind it. If that's what everyone wants to debate after the conferences it makes them bring their A game to the conferences. I guess I agree with you on the premise of it being subjective, it's maybe even a bit immature, but man I love the results of it, getting those big "HOLY COW!" announcements are worth it to me.

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Relientk77310d ago

When you don't have exclusives, you lose. No incentive to buy. Simple as that.

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ThePope310d ago

Strange yet people STILL are buying....hmm

Discobastrd310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Fools are easily parted with their money I guess

Crazywhitie310d ago

@Discobastrd As a guy who more likely Paid $499 or $599 for a PS3 at Launch

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