Microsoft’s Xbox Media Briefing was the Highest Watched Moment of E3 2017 on Twitch

GitHyp: "While gamers will always be split over who they believe wins E3 each year, it looks like information on new consoles is still what gets the most attention. This year, it was Microsoft’s Xbox One X (formerly Project Scorpio) that was the key to winning E3 2017 based on viewer counts."

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nX426d ago

Kinda simple analysis, missing the fact that Ubisofts and Microsofts conferences were watchable at noon in Europe while Sonys is always in the middle of the night on a weekday, practically unwatchable for a whole continent.

DiRtY426d ago

But MS pushed Mixer really hard this time as well.

Gamist2dot0426d ago

There was a basketball championship game at the same time as well - about 14 million viewers in the US.

BlackTar187426d ago

Wasn't it one of the most watched finals game of all time too? I know I watched it and I can't even call myself a basketball fan

XabiDaChosenOne426d ago

I had a stream of the NBA Finals and Sonys E3 running at the same time loool!

nX426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

I mean, I don't care about views and social media activity... but this site seems to make money off that so it's kind of ridiculous to not mention these circumstances in your analysis :D

Since Sony has a much greater following in Europe than in the US I'm pretty sure most Europeans watched parts of their conference the next day (and certainly not on Twitch) instead of staying awake.

Aenea426d ago

Noon in Europe? MS and Ubi were at 22:00 central european time, not noon.

OB1Biker426d ago

It's true. I think Ms 23. Anyway his point is it was an OK time for everyone in Europe but Sony was in the middle of the on night

feraldrgn426d ago

Yep, had to be up at 2am to watch Sony's here. =.=

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ninsigma426d ago

Makes sense. It's on at a reasonable time in most places. 2am is not a particularly reasonable time in comparison 😂

Wallstreet37426d ago

Wow what a Stat!! Even better than God of War being most watched video game trailer on YouTube /s

Summons75426d ago

Well we all had big expectations for MS and the XOX and then MS dropped the ball real hard and most of us left disappointed. Far from the worst conference though.

EatCrow426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

It was average. Not terrible. But average. Most of e3 was average. Did enjoy Bethesda new sequels... Excited for wolfenstein and evil within. Yay. No need to wait till next year for those.

steveo123456426d ago

I agree. As a neutral, I think MS pipped it for me, sonys exclusives are nothing special and I like a good hardware launch. Do like the looks of Anthem though

EatCrow426d ago

Good luck being neutral. N4g users don't like neutrals. They keep trying to find ways of calling you such and such fanboy.

Anthem looked awesome but I'm worried it's like destiny.. Although I know people liked destiny.

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