GamesRadar: Cliff Bleszinski talks Gears' competition, future and deeper narrative

No intro needed here. You know who Cliff Bleszinski is and you're here to read what he has to say. So let's get on with it. And when you're done, be sure to read GamesRadar's hands-on reports with Gears of War 2's first act and the brilliant new Horde five-man co-op mode.

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ToastyMcNibbles3704d ago

nothing against the dude...hes done an amazing job on the gears of war franchise but the one thing that always bugs the crap outta me is the comment he made about metal gear solid being "passive entertainment" you know i seriously think that cliff really believed that gears of war was a masterpiece of a game in regards to storytelling...i seriously think he really felt his game was the most epic game out there but once metal gear solid 4 launched and dropped the a-bomb on everybody he got a little tight and a little jealous because of how much praise mgs4 was getting for its brilliant and extraordinary storytelling hence the "passive entertainment" comment...mgs4 basically showed that there are millions of gamers out there that love to play games for the story and single player experience and "experience" is the key word here...not saying gears is a bad game far from that...i really enjoy the game and look forward to the sequel but im not gonna try and defend the story or the characters of the game because they are far from epic and i mean faaaaarrrrrrrr from epic...anyway my opinion

kapedkrusader3704d ago

...why can't CliffyB just summarize everything he has to say in ONE interview, instead of 100 freakin' quotes.

power of Green 3704d ago

Please stop spamming up gears threads with your diss-taste for Cliffy, Thanks...

MGS4 is passive, you sneak around laying traps on the run while you watch movies.

socomnick3704d ago

Passive Entertainment, Well cliffy was right. That isnt an insult toward mgs 4 at all its completely true. Mgs 4 is a very cutscene, story heavy game, its not a pure adrenaline action game. Its quite passive when compared to Gears.

FantasyStar3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Immature much? It's fine to disagree with someone, but you look like a disgruntled child that has his feelings hurt so you have to take jabs at something else to make yourself feel better.

power of Green 3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I simply explained what Cliffy was saying and many agree on.

We don't need PS3 fans spamming up 360 threads because Cliffy doesn't like PS3 controllers lol.

LOL at your comment, your response is contradicting to say the least.

thebudgetgamer3704d ago

from the days he was doing spots on but some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is crazy. does he seriously think he created that cover system. killswitch anyone he might have made it way better but not invent it.

anyways gears will be sick

3704d ago
Aclay3704d ago

@ Power of Green

In MGS4 you do not "run around setting traps" and you have no idea what the game is about or how you can play the game. You can go all stealthy in MGS4 by killing as little people as possible or you can go Rambo style and kill/destroy everything in sight.

Some of the cutscenes in MGS4 can be lengthy, but they definantly aren't "movies".

Man_of_the_year3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Actually i think Cliff's statement is very much correct about the game being "passive entertainment". I have played and completed both and with MGS4 i could lay on the ground for an hour while getting something to drink while enemies just walk back and forth. I could sneak across the whole field very slow and stay hidden and just let my guy lay there. Not too mention the 9+ hours of watching videos, well actually 4.5 hours of watching great cut scenes while the other 4.5 was rather boring drawn out dialog.

Now with Gears if i even thought about staying in one spot i was dead. I was constantly running, ducking, dodging, shooting, chainsawing etc. This was clearly a much more fast paced game. Adrenalin was constantly flowing.

Now just because Cliff says MGS is a passive entertaining game doesn't mean its a bad game, its just a different type of game and you can clearly see that it is even by playing the two. Both are good games for different genre's. I highly doubt Cliff is in any means "Jealous" of the game what so ever story wise or not he knew what his game was. Its just not his kind of game that EPIC would make, just like Kojima wouldn't make a game like Gears...

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Silogon3704d ago

1 - Cliffy looks like he's aged 4 or 5 yearsd since last year. Look how old he's gotten. His hair line and them lines under his eyes. This guy is under some major pressure andstress it would seem. Hell, he's only 34 isn't he? That's not old, but I'll be damned if he doesn't look old. Hell, he looks older than Mark Rein. ha!

2 - Gears of War is a cookie cutter game. It has a typical story and typical characters. Gears of War is something you'd see on Si-FI original pictures right after Return of the Living Dead 5 necropolis or something. Or was it RAVE FROM THE GRAVE? hahaha~

3 - Gears of War's gameplay was clunky, intrusive and offensive. Your guy was big, slow, near imobile; just like a tank. Imagine that.

4 - Gears 2 will sell on gears 1's namesake. They will fundementally be thesame game and in all honesty the game will probably feel like an add on or DLC or an expansion pack if you will.

candystop3704d ago

Gears 1 was an excellent game that did alot more and left a bigger impact then MGS4 for a longer period of time. Heck every game to this day has tried to live up to it including MGS4 and it's attempt at multiplayer. As a matter a fact nobodies even talking about MGS4 anymore which shows a lot and this time Gears will have a better story and wipe out every exclusive title coming to PS3 this year hands down. Go ahead and keep thinking your crazy stuff because Gears 2 is the real deal and not just a freaking story but a game. This is 360's year once again so get use to it because it's almost over.

BlackTar1873704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I hope not since MGO came out on ps2 in the sanke eater substance. Do you really believe that I hope not be fair here it may have for you but aside from the MP game no one talks about it and when they do its because its not hidden in a bunch of future cooler games or present it just so happens to be one of the only 3 maybe 4 reasons 360 is in conversation(Not a fanboy anyone who knows my posts know i'm a not fanboy)hate all you want I play games to play games but that was the worst thought out post ever. Do you really think a game that people around the globe call one of the best ever and most call it the best game this generation is standing second to gears.

I love gears but lets get one thing straight Gears had no competition at all and was the only game really next gen on the only next gen console.

Please dont take his last bubble I want a response.
Is this generation of gaming your first? Serious question or did it start last generation.


Judging by your post, I'd have to assume you never picked up the controller and played Gears1

bigman73873704d ago

You could post that, with the name changed, on every GoW2 or R2 thread on this freaking site.

3704d ago
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thewhoopimen3704d ago

Horde mode sounds fun, kind of reminds of starcraft, except I'm actually one of the space marines... Speaking of which... the bulkiness of the characters from GeOW is definitely reminiscent of Starcraft. Interesting.

Anyway, that's about what I look forward to in the game. Glad my friend will be the one buying it for us to splitscreen.

Blademask3704d ago

this guy is such a tool.

GameOn3704d ago

He never said he invented the cover system but he did improve on it, which is innovation.

Blademask3704d ago

And when specifically asked about INNOVATION not 'IMPROVING' Hes pretending he innovated the cover system for console games.And is questioned about seeing his invention in other games. If Gears of War "innovated" the cover system for consoles. Meaning the first time anyone has seen it on a console, what did Kill.Switch do?

This guy has no class, lucky for him though none of his fans know anything about gaming so he can say whatever the hell he wants and idiots will defend it to the death.

Xi3704d ago

Apple ipod isn't innovative, considering Creative labs created the first hdd based mp3 player.

And neither is the iphone because the palm's had touch screens too.

And that the wii isn't innovative because microsoft developed motion controls for the wing man a long time ago.

Innovation isn't invention, it's improvement and application. The cover system they designed was innovative because it was context sensative, something which wasn't popular before. Sure other games had cover systems but they were lacklustre.

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DarkSniper3704d ago

Five man co-op mode. Is that all that Xbox 360 can do?


nonAsianDroid3704d ago

for saying that you have not played gears of war. yea you could have a 60 vs 60 multiplayer lag fest everyone killing each other with a couple of shots.
theres no other shooter with the amount of detail as gears. why wont you droids just shut up, you don't even know what you are talking about . more than a few man team would not work with the type of game gears of war is

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