Don’t Know Anything About the PS4 Pro? This Video is For You

Pure PlayStation: Sony has released a new video for all the dummies that don’t know a thing about the PS4’s beefier sibling, the PS4 Pro.

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Raziology250d ago

"This video is unavailable"

GNCFLYER250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

That's the joke..

I'm kidding. I got "this video is private". I was just clicking for curiosity sakes. I have one.

343_Guilty_Spark250d ago

It's a very slight upgrade to the PS4. I enjoy mine.

Rude-ro250d ago

One maxes out at 1080p the other at 4k...


Aenea250d ago

And the One X is only slightly better than Pro. Interesting, right?