Assassin’s Creed Origins and Far Cry 5 won’t have a mini-map

Ubisoft has recently confirmed that Far Cry 5 and Assassin's Creed: Origins, the two diamond titles of the line-up of the French software company, will not have a mini-map.

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opinionated336d ago

Not a big deal, seems like a weird decision though.

thekhurg336d ago

Won't need one. From the gameplay, they're using the skyrim style info bar at the top showing locations/quests.

opinionated336d ago

Yeah I guess. I'm not too worried about it either way. It would suck if AC became menu heavy like skyrim. Pausing the game every 5 seconds.

Adirzzz336d ago

Even tho it's gonna be hell of a ride without a map, I respect the effort, might even like it more.. I like challenges.

phoenixwing336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

i get lost pretty easy. A mini map would be appreciated lol I'll still buy the game though.

Edit: Getting lost in the desert seems like a real possibility now xD

AnotherProGamer336d ago

they put a compass system like Skyrim

REDGUM336d ago

In previous far cry games the mini map came in handy for the looting after you took out an outpost.
Finding the letters, dimonds etc without a mini map ain't gonna be easy.

dreamoner336d ago

Hope they get rid of Eagle Vision or any alternative visions also.

Jmanzare336d ago

You have that bird you throw in the air and is basically a remodeled drone from ghost recon

Swiftfox336d ago

Interesting from a design perspective. They're trying to make things more organic for the player, should be interesting to see how it affects a person's overall experience. I know I constantly rely on minimaps to a fault, but being asked to remember where I've been and where I'm going will be a nice change of pace. I just hope this doesn't lead to having to constantly open up the larger map to find out where I'm going.

ziggurcat336d ago

well, the problem would be if they threw in 300-400 chests you have to find (which counts towards 100% completion), it would be a pain in the ass to search for them all without having some kind of minimap for you to reference.

Swiftfox336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

I'm hoping the decision to drop the mini-map will include dropping tedious collect-a-thons. This is a chance for them to get creative with what is discover able on the map.

ziggurcat336d ago

I don't mind collectibles, but they really got out of hand with them - Unity was the epitome of collect-a-thons. It's Ubisoft, though, so there'll no doubt be collectibles in this game.

They at least lessened them in Syndicate.

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The story is too old to be commented.