Why Netflix Refuses to Rent Video Games

TGR spoke to a Netflix rep who provided their latest statement regarding renting video games. He also let loose with a very interesting comment that no one plays games that are more than a couple years old. Are you scratching your head yet?

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SH3MRON3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Dunno the real reason for not renting games (They should) unless they have a partnership with gamefly or some other company. Just imagine the tons of subscriptions they will get. And they could change the plans instead of 3 dvds you get 2 dvds and 1 game rental or something in between.

I just hope they fix why on Puerto Rico we can rent games but can't view them instantly. Just hope we can when the 360 patch comes.

JohnnyMann4203725d ago

I thought it was because their name is Netflix not

v1c1ous3725d ago

i mean just last week i rented chromehounds for 360...oh wai-

TruthbeTold3725d ago

Which means that it takes more times rented to break even and then make a profit. Which also means that it takes more investment in order to ensure that the game is available to customers. It also is more risky in that games take longer to complete than movies, are handled more often, and have a greater risk of being scratched. The downside is far greater for games than movies.

JustinSaneV23725d ago

"No one will be playing Madden NFL 09 two years from now, but people will watch a great movie over and over."

No, the people that were playing Madden NFL 09 will be playing Madden NFL 11 two years from now which will basically be the same game.


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