Is it possible to build a PC under $500 with the same specs as an Xbox One X?

Under the hood, an Xbox One X is a collection of PC hardware. We dig into current component prices to see if we can build a $500 system that matches (or beats) its performance.

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tinynuggins66d ago

This is really interesting. The vapor cooling system is missing from the list though. Wonder how much that piece costs.

ukjadoon66d ago

The builds are also missing a WiFi card and that adds to the cost even more.

MegamanXXX65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Another thing you have to consider you don't pay for online on PC that saves hundreds of dollars. You get great deals and mod support on PC. True native 4K 60fps on PC. It has more perks even though it's more expensive. PC actually have more exclusives than Xbox as well.

ForeverTheGoat65d ago

This topic is about specs for PC at the same price as the one x. The other stuff you talking about is irrelevant rn.

ABizzel165d ago

I think the XBO-X is a good piece of hardware for a console, but the reality is by the time it launches you will likely be able to get any of the following better values.

$199 PS4s / XBOs
$349 PS4 Pro
$500 Gaming PC with comparable specs to XBO-X

And all 4 are better values when it comes to price:performance.

The computer in this article is pretty much a PC Partpicker list, and that site while a good starting point is never the lowest price when stores like Newegg and Microcenter around. Come Black Friday all of those components will be cheaper especially last gen GPUs with Vega and Pascal coming out. So deals like a GTX 1060 6GB for $179 - $199 bundled with games is extremely likely. And that CPU / motherboard combo can be bought for less at Microcenter.

And there are components like a BluRay drive that are completely unnecessary for a PC where installs are king.

Babadook765d ago (Edited 65d ago )

"Another thing you have to consider you don't pay for online on PC that saves hundreds of dollars."


People always mention you don't pay for online. But they forget you pay more for games. Due to the fact you need to buy digital and therefore can't buy used and sell used. In the end that makes you pay a LOT more for the same thing. You also can't borrow from friends or rent.

Skull52165d ago

Just what I thought, it costs roughly double. The only thing here is it doesn't look like these computers were built and benchmarked. We know the XBOX can do 4K30 Gears 4 so we need people to start targeting that with the builds and see what happens.

dontbhatin65d ago


"Due to the fact you need to buy digital and therefore can't buy used and sell used. In the end that makes you pay a LOT more for the same thing. You also can't borrow from friends or rent."

While i agree with you on not being able to buy used games or ever resell them. The rest isn't all too accurate. The fact that everything is digital actually helps games become cheaper faster than any digital store on the ps4 or xbox. And there are websites like G2A where you can get new games at a discounted price. Ive even gotten games pre-ordered on that site for 10 bucks off the day before its released.

Id also like to add that you are able to share games with friends on steam (to an extent of course). Its called family view and it allows your friends (after you authorize their computer and account) to play your games. Granted as long as you aren't playing a game online on steam.

As a PC gamer and a PS4 player, Its always been cheaper to game on my PC. This is my own opinion and experience.

Babadook765d ago (Edited 65d ago )


Even when you get a new game for $10 online it is more than the price of buying and selling used games (discs). And that $10 price is not a normal situation as steam and gmg usually are much more in the first month of sale. In any given year you will save a lot of money buying and selling discs vs looking for digital sales. If you compare digital to digital of course you are right. But my comparison was not digital vs digital but digital vs used discs. Even when a game is under a month old you can save $10-$20 off of new price by buying used on amazon or eBay or local buy and sell. Then sell for the exact price you had paid. That cost of ownership can't be beat on pc.

morganfell65d ago

"This topic is about specs for PC at the same price as the one x. The other stuff you talking about is irrelevant rn."

No it isn't. Do you buy a console and come home and sit it in the corner, never turning it on? No? Let me guess, you do not play multiplayer? Purchase of a PS4 or X1 must carry with it the consideration of monthly/yearly online costs for a minimum of 3 years. Longer if it is the beginning of the generation.

thexmanone65d ago

And also missing monitor, keyboard and mouse. add that too the cost as well

inveni065d ago

I'm waiting for the actual system breakdown when XBOX releases. Microsoft has a track record of being sneaky, and I still think most devs are going to target improvements other than resolution, because resolution isn't what gives a game most of its "wow" factor.

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Destiny108065d ago

pc have a separate cpu and gpu so don't need vapor cooling to keep things cool even though some high-end gpus have them

moldybread65d ago

One thing people forget is how the console is designed, most PC games actually just use one core on the CPU. The cores on game platforms are utilized a lot more efficiently. This means comparing each CPU is redundant. Games are getting better on the PC like Battlefield but as we move forward with Ryzen hopefully PC developers start utilzing the cores more.

Bigpappy65d ago

Forget the specs. Get the PC running the games at the same performance for under $500 and I will skip the X1X and buy one instead.

ABizzel165d ago

CPU & Motherboard $110
FX 8320 + Asus M5A78L-M Plus

GPU $250:
GTX 1060 6GB

HDD $40:
Seagate 1 TB

Optical Drive: $15 (DVD) / $40 (Blu Ray) / $130 (4K BR same from article)
RAM $45: Same from the article
PSU $35: Same from the article
Case $35: Same from the article
OS $35: Same from the article

$565 / $590 / $680

For $565 you get a gaming PC right now that performs every bit as well if not better than the XBO-X, and come Black Friday while the XBO-X is launching at $500, those PC components will be even less.

1080p @ 4K performance (the beauty is if you want 60fps you can get it, you're not stuck at 4k @ 30fps)

dantesparda65d ago

Oh you mean the same way a i3 4130 and a gtx 750ti was outperforming the PS4 and X1 at alot of games early on for the longest time? Some of you people are such fools falling for anything your beloved corporate masters say. This $652 PC will already outperform a 1X in many games, WATCH! And you everybodies knows you can get Windows for free and you dont need the the bluray drive on the PC, its just a waste of money, so that saves another $75

AS:O is dynamic and CB 4k on both (so much for "true 4k", just another of MS's failed propaganda PR campaigns, like the cloud, DX12, ESRAM, etc). Metro Exodus wasnt even running on the 1X, GOW4, Crackdown & NFS are all just 30fps and so on, this thing is hardly more impressive than a Pro, only more expensive, a year later and less exclusives.

SirJoJo64d ago (Edited 64d ago )


What on earrh are you talking about! thats some next level BS you're spouting. Show me one benchmark using a GTX1060 that can play Forza apex (basically Forza 6) at 4K 60fps Ultra locked?
you can't because there is none yet you're trying to convince others and mislead them into believing that what you're saying is fact. Not even a stock 1070 can keep a fully locked 60 at 4K Ultra on Forza Apex uless the card is overclocked with a good cooler but you're saying the 1060 will play Forza 7 in 4K, same graphical fidelity/settings as the 1X at a locked 60fps...? please STFU & GTFO obvious fruad
The 580 may be able to do it due to DX12/Vulcan, the newer AMD cards actully utilise the new API's fully at a hardware level unlike the nvidia cards that have to mostly brute force it and use softwer emulation to get the job done. This is why games that utilise these API's allow cards such as the 480 and 580 to punch above their weight when paired with a decent CPU and memory

ABizzel159d ago


Since you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about, and like Digital Foundry so much, here you go.

Yes an overclocked "GTX 970" (which performs on par with a standard clocked GTX 1060 or 980), is running Forza Horizon 3 in 4K @ 30fps locked High settings and Forza 6 APex 4K @ 60fps locked High settings.

Now an overclocked GTX 1060 is pushing into the same performance realm as a standard clocked GTX 1070 or 980 ti, which can run both games in 4K @ 30fps Ultra settings and 4K @ 60fps Ultra settings.

And as you also provided a RX 580 is also another option for that same PC.

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da1writer65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I really recommend many to check out jermgaming, he built a $500 rig that can go toe to toe with the Pro and Xbox One X just fine and hit 4K with similar compromises on some games as these Mid-Gen upgraded Consoles do.

You'd be surprised.

someone7265d ago

The form factor on those things though are huge. Not putting that near my tv.

Havnt watched the full vid, but pretty sure he didnt include license fees for the os, as well as perfectly comperable hardware cpmpatibilities.

da1writer65d ago

Despite the thumbs down, I'm not trying to pick on Consoles nor is jermgaming. We are perfectly fine with both markets, console and PC, being available to the consumer and coexisting. Tastes and preferences differ from us all. Now jermgaming just wants to show anyone who checks out his channel that for the price of a budget build in the $500 range can provide results similar to the console counterparts with either similar results or better. A thumbs down is a head scratcher to me for my last comment. I own Consoles, handhelds, and a good PC, I simply play games, not the devices themselves [nor do I worship them]. That's why I can't stand Death and a few others fanboys here, they know little about these devices outside of what their dumb console war means to them.

dantesparda64d ago


They dont want to know the truth, they rather believe their own s**t.

spoonard65d ago

The vapor cooler, the UHD drive, the wifi card... this isn't a PC with the same specs as the One X. Nor does it include a keyboard/mouse or an Xbox controller. Put the Assassin's Creed game shown at E3 on this PC vs it running on an Xbox One X and the Xbox would blow it out of the water.

svoulis65d ago

Oh boy. @tinynuggins I hope you're being sarcastic. "Vapor Cooling" has been around a lot longer for PC's than the Xbox One X...This is a joke right?

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Lennoxb6365d ago

You'd be lucky to hit 1080p on AAA titles on a $500 PC.

Princess_Pilfer65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

No, no you wouldn't. People are big on using TFLOPS as a buzzword without actually knowing what it means right? The build they list used a RX 580 which has... 6.2. About the same as the Xbone. Course they could save ~40 dollars with a 1060 or a good 70 if they picked up a used 970, which have similar performance.

_-EDMIX-_64d ago

@Princ- ??? 😂😂😂.

Are you serious? You will literally just said the exact same thing I said and then you attacked me?

"No you wouldn't"

Is exactly what I said for the exact same response did you seriously not read the original poster was and you just randomly replied to me without knowing whom I was talking to?

"No, no you wouldn't. People are big on using TFLOPS as a buzzword without actually knowing what it means right?"

I'm literally agreeing with you and literally started my sentence the same way in agreeance that no it would not be "lucky" because it is not a rare occurrence yet you don't even understand that the post was agreeing?


Look you guys need to stop with the shotgun post and jumping to ridiculous conclusions without understanding the context of what's being stated.


Relax. I agree, as to why I literally just said the same thing you did.

"No you wouldn't"

kevnb65d ago

1080p for $500 is doable.

Lennoxb6365d ago

With everything at low settings with a stuttering frame rate, sure.

Princess_Pilfer65d ago

AMD and Nvidia market the 1060 and 480/580 as 1080p cards. That's what they're for. With very few exceptions, they will do 1080p at 60FPS with either high or ultra settings (or a combination of high and ultra settings)

OoglyBoogly65d ago

The FACT that his comment has way more upvotes then downvotes really goes to show how people here don't know actual PC hardware and performance. Let alone what you can get for the price.

bluefox75565d ago

1080p is doable at less than $300 lol.