You Are Error: How History Shows it's Foolish to Doubt Nintendo

Nintendo has been subject to doubt every step of the way, but they've remained relevant this long and they'll do so for a long time yet.

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Jaypi03372d ago

I'll hold Nintendo to the same standards as I do with every other gaming company, when they do right i'll give them my money, and when they don't I won't. Nintendo is a great company, but they aren't immune to making foolish decisions.

That said it's good to see them getting back on track and finally finding a place in the home of gamers.

PiNkFaIrYbOi371d ago

Eeee, while both were commercial failures basically. Virtual boy was to early and the technology wasn't there yet and the Wii U was a good piece of hardware and had some good games on it. The marketing for it wasn't the best really.

superchiller371d ago

Marketing has nothing to do with the failure of the Wii U, the hardware itself was low-spec, feature-lacking, gimmicky junk.

TheOttomatic91371d ago

Remember the Wii U? No? Thought so

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The story is too old to be commented.