Sony Online: Patching Concerns May Prevent PS3-PC Compatibilty For 'DC Universe Online'

With "DC Universe Online" debuting on both the PC and the PS3 sometime next year, gamers have been wondering whether or not they'll be able to play with their friends across platforms.

In a phone interview last week, Chris Cao, the game's creative director, told MTV Multiplayer that cross-platform compatibility was one of the development studio's highest design goals, and while it is technically possible, there's one particular issue that's giving them trouble.

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ToastyMcNibbles3731d ago

i do hope the issue gets resolved but my only concern is what the payment plan will be...if they have intentions of me having to spend $60 on this game and then additional monthly fees then i might pass on dc universe...i believe it was the second episode of qore or third in which there was an interview with one of the devlopers and belmont asked about payment methods and the developer said they werent sure at the moment but they want to experiment and see how console owners want to do it versus pc gamers so hopefully something resonable is thought up

Nineball21123731d ago

to do this and do it right.

I'm in agreement with you ToastMan. I've always been against additional fees to play games. I know many people don't care, but I'm not one of them.

I hope this gets worked out and that it's fair for both pc owners and console owners.

PimpHandStrong3731d ago

a monthly fee for a game is not something i would get into!

atleast not yet

If MAG is any good it might be the one game i would pay a fee to play online. Shame thou because if they charge a monthly fee i could see MAG not reaching its full potential!

PimpHandStrong3731d ago

but hey

i bet PP would be pissed to know your buying PS3 software