Final Fantasy creator will reveal new Mistwalker game this June 22

Today Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy franchise, announced that the new project of his studio Mistwalker will be unveiled on June 22.

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forkymental311d ago

Don't get your hopes up. Especially if Silicon Studio is involved. Every game they've made has been mobile outside of 3D Dot Game Heroes, and even it looked like a mobile game. Smartphones have ruined things for fans of Japanese console games. There are fewer and fewer of them each year.

OmnislashVer36311d ago

As long as they don't go back on their word, they already confirmed a console game last year.

forkymental311d ago

If it leans in the direction of Lost Odyssey then that would be great. If it's a small dlc game, then not so much.

PiNkFaIrYbOi311d ago

One of the projects that they are working on is suppose to be for console.

OmnislashVer36311d ago

Please be a game on PS4, and please don't be Terra Battle(the mobile card game).

Movefasta1993311d ago

I hope it's a spiritual successor to lo

popyto311d ago

A Switch blue dragon would be nice.

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