E3 Bethesda: Elder Scrolls and Fallout are not in the same universe and TES 6 is not in development

Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines had an interview with GameSpot recently and has quite a bit to say. In the interview he addresses the rumors that state Fallout and The Elder Scrolls are set in the same universe in addition to the claims that next Elder Scrolls game is in development. It’s both good and bad news for Bethesda fans but nothing we didn’t expect from them.

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REBORN71339d ago

Bullshit - they Are in same Universe - They Are in bethesda Universe - a Universe Where talented modders Fix The mess that developers release as finished games and now the universe where Bethesda wants us to pay them for playing the mods and game fixes that they were not capable of doing in the 1st place

xtheblackparade339d ago

And yet, I wouldn't mind traversing the wasteland on horseback with dual wield swords.

beebap339d ago

Nooo not what I wanted to hear. God knows how long to next elder scrolls! Want it to be more like oblivion than skyrim.