Snatcher Is Cyberpunk Noir At Its Best

Snatcher is a cult classic that should be experienced by both science fiction and Metal Gear fans. Even though it appears to “snatch” many of its influences and throw them together into a science fiction cornucopia, it actually explores the issues of humanity and existence in its own distinctive style.

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CrimsonWing69278d ago

Oh I'd love to play this by legitimate means, but asking for $500 + for a used disk in ok condition... can't justify spending that cash. I wish SEGA would do a Sega CD collection or even a Saturn collection.

tieryas278d ago

A Sega CD collection would fantastic. I'd totally buy that (and hope they'd include Policenauts too!)

rainslacker277d ago

I have my original copies back from when I was young, and so happy I never sold them. Same with Policenauts. The PC-Engine version is actually not that expensive, but it's not localized into least not legitimately.