E3 2017: Destiny 2's Heroic Activities Not Accessible In Guided Games

There still won't be any sort of matchmaking for Destiny 2's Heroic Nightfall Strikes and Raids.

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MegaMohsi338d ago

I hope they change this in the future but with guided games on normal content, should be enough for some of us to get into clans and be able to do the heroic stuff within the clan member base.

Nineball2112338d ago

Yeah, it won't bother me so much with the Raids, but I wish it was available for the Nightfalls.

Lostbytes337d ago

I don't want to join a clan ...i just want to raid. EVERYTHING ELSE can be soloed. No matchmaking is a deal breaker for me! Guided games are a joke.Will never work as intended. Hope everyone will be happy with a 100+$ expansion. (No visual upgrades, no 60 fps, Same enemies, BUT we have story , right, right? Probably not.)

Adirzzz337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I'm a big Destiny fan, but I've found this funny and .. well, correct. Just being honest :D
The sacrifice you make when you love a game that much.. SMH