FIFA 09 Video Comparison

See how the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of EA's football sim compare.

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DavidMacDougall3667d ago

Hope gametrailers does one to show how biased they are

Hydrolex3667d ago

PS3 games are looking better everyday ! Now Xbox 360 version is washed out

LOL I can remember those days in 2007 when 360 fans made fun of ugly graphics that PS3 had and they couldn't realize the truth !

PS2 aftermath is coming

dale13667d ago

ea seem to have there act together with the ps3 and now its been used as the lead platform on alot of its up and coming games they will start seeing more of my cash

pp3667d ago

Definitely xbox360 version yet again outshines PS3

zimbo0073667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

mcuh better colour , much better lighting

I must say PS3 version is milesss better

damn Fifa is huge in europe . imagine what this would do to ps3 sales in europe --a region where ps3 is beating x360 at 2x the price point

she00win993667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

i have a comparison for you, who is more retarded, pp or gaystation 3?

PirateThom3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

It's just like NHL. The 360 version had this weird fogginess, while the PS3 version is crystal clear and has slightly more vibrant colours.

It's probably something you wouldn't even notiuce, unless they're side by side though.

iistuii3667d ago

better colours, but more jaggies, as was gta4.I think id rather a slight blur then a jaggie mess.

Skyreno3667d ago

sure ....PS3 is way better

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The story is too old to be commented.