Yeah, Call of Duty WWII is still coming to Switch

"Call of Duty WWII is on its way to becoming one of the biggest games of the year. We previously reported on the possibility of it coming to the Nintendo Switch but E3 came and went, with plenty of surprises, yet no Switch WWII was announced.

Instead, what we got was more confusion, secrecy and hints at something going on behind the scenes."

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ApexWolf22274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Another limp noodle nintendo approved version I bet. Black Ops 2 was fun on the WiiU, but they gimped it with no chat or real content support.

J-pi3274d ago

Difference is Switch is profitable and Activision loves money, so we'll probably see this version supported more than we saw the Wii U games supported.

mcstorm274d ago

Tbh the wiiu was selling well when cod came out and if I remember cod BO2 sold 320thousand copy's on a console with 2 million sales at the time but AV expected bo2 to sell more for some reason. It will be interesting to see how well the 3rd party's sell on the switch as it's 1st party line up so far is amazing

Neonridr274d ago

@mcstorm - Black Ops 2 launched with the console. Ghosts came aftewards. However Activision shot themselves in the foot when they gimped the MP for these games as they didn't include all the DLC for them.

Erik7357274d ago

Difference in Switch version is also portable which is a big deal

Thunder_G0d_Bane274d ago

Have you seen Cod WW2? A potato could run that game....

Ain't no one want that cod anyway lool

Erik7357274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Sure as hell shits on any FPS sony has to offer for a portable dude. Seems like your just salty it's even coming to the Switch

What's that? Your gonna say vita was last generation? Maybe because Sony sucks ass so hard at doingnportables they just stopped because Nintendo just straight up owns them at it?

Nintendo is a way smaller company than Sony is so it makes me happy to see a small company who actually care more about games do better

VasilisArt274d ago

Maybe you should read before commenting. Just saying :)

_-EDMIX-_274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Well...he is right. Nothing has been confirmed. never has been stated to say "still coming" well, who said it was or wasn't?

I don't recall anything official even coming out about this. Not even to say it won't happen as COD's have come to Nintendo, but they've also skipped Nintendo .

edit. Guess they did make an official statement.

VasilisArt274d ago

EDMIX - The link you posted is from which got alleged confirmation by phone. Strange for Activision to not make a press release like always and call a minor website to make a statement. Though the author from CB vouches they verified the rep, I still think the situation is fishy and unlike Activision.

VasilisArt274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Not officially with a press release like always.

addictedtochaos274d ago

Didn't Activision just say the other day that it was not coming to Switch?

VasilisArt274d ago

Reading the article would help :)

VasilisArt274d ago

EDMIX check the source after ;) same one judged in the article. Maybe read the articles first in their entirety along with their sources

B1uBurneR274d ago

Nintendo Enable cross save with Xbox and I'm in.

Lionalliance274d ago

yeah... that will never happen.

Neonridr274d ago

After doing some thinking, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Call of Duty game show up for the Switch. However, instead of it being WWII like some are speculating, I wouldn't be surprised to see Modern Warfare remastered show up on it instead. Beenox was partially responsible for Modern Warfare remastered, so it makes sense to involve them. Plus it's a less demanding game than WWII so they should be able to get it up on the Switch with minimal difficulties. This way Activision can be like "see, here's Call of Duty for Switch", even though it's not exactly the game we were all hoping for.

_-EDMIX-_274d ago

.....or just the last gen version of COD4

Neonridr271d ago

nah.. that would be too much effort :P

_-EDMIX-_271d ago

@neo- lol I would legitimately buy Call of Duty 4 on the switch!

I randomly played Call of Duty 4 on my PlayStation 3 a couple days ago to see if the servers were still up and it actually still has an active community 😂😂😂

If they bring over Call of Duty 4 remastered on the switch even if it's to a degree of remastering I think that would be pretty awesome.

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