Spider-Man for PS4: Alternate costume confirmed and white spider emblem has a purpose in the game

Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 has got some additional information about the white spider emblem and on the presence of alternate costumes.

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Nitrowolf2313d ago

I hope this game is jam-packed with unlockables, those were my favorite things to get in past Spiderman games. Would be need if they did comic book collection too

-Foxtrot313d ago

Yeah same

I'm so happy with this. Whether people want to admit it or not that costume is ugly and poorly designed. The whites too much I can't imagine what meaning it has in the game.

I wish there was a Spider man game where you can design your own costume

Obscure_Observer313d ago

So awesome! One more reason for a Day One purchase!

CobraKai313d ago

I hope all the cutscenes are real time to reflect alternate costume options. The white emblem grew on me though.

TomatoDragon313d ago

I gotta admit, I love the white spider.

Silly Mammo313d ago

It would be cool if the white spider was actually part of your HUD. It fills in black to gauge your xp to the next level up.

313d ago
AnubisG313d ago

I like the custom design. That white spider looks really good.

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