5 of the best moments from E3 2017

Paul writes - "It’s not easy picking the best bits of any E3, and this year with the announcements coming thick and fast, has made it even harder than usual. I've been tasked with watching all the relevant streams/conferences, and have just finished doing so after a frankly weird Ubisoft conference. It’s always good to see a video game legend like Miyamoto-san running around with a life size replica of a gun from a game featuring Mario and some Rabbids, after all!

What I intend to do in this piece is share with you my personal favourite parts of the whole E3 2017 experience."

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neil363339d ago

I think I may be more hyped for the new Wolfenstein more than anything. Loved the previous games.

sssb338d ago

My best moment announcing Ori and the will of the wisps, love the way starting with Gareth Coker :)

XanderZane338d ago

This is Anthem were pretty incredible. Also enjoyed more gameplay of Mario Odyssey.