Is Insomniac’s Spider-Man combat different to Rocksteady’s Batman?

VG247: "We sit down with Insomniac and discover having Peter Parker and Miles Morales in the same universe “means a lot.”"

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AspiringProGenji342d ago

Having more quality comics inspired games would be amazing. Rocksteady has open the door for more to come with the free flow combat. I wouldn't mind in the slightest if every game borrows is and twist it a little bit. Rocksteady would be proud of that

chrisx342d ago

Yep, but people seem to forget the early spiderman games on Ps2 started the whole "spider sense" before an attack comes so I can even say rocksteady copied spiderman on Ps2 and tweaked it

Inzo341d ago

Actually Rocksteady took a lot of gameplay elements from the Batman Begins game and improved on it not to mention as Chrisx already stated, Spiderman 2 already had that kind of combat system in place, again Rocksteady took that blueprint and improved on it. The point is that while Rocksteady did improve on gameplay elements from other games, they are not the innovators of it.

bluefox755341d ago

This idea that one game ever "invents" a game mechanic without influence from games that came before is nonsense, and rarely true. Rocksteady was influenced by other games that came before, of course they refined those mechanics, and added their own twist. Spiderman will likely do the same.

341d ago
S2Killinit341d ago

Looking forward to it. The gameplay seemed solid.


It's batman with a Spiderman costume on. I need to seem more before I jump in.

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