Halo 6 will not be present either at Gamescom or PAX 2017

343 Industries has commented on the absence of Halo 6 at E3 2017, reiterating that the game will be shown at the right time.

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n4gamingm41d ago

Good take as much time as you need and bring back the flood.

DaDrunkenJester41d ago

Unless its a stand alone game... bringing back the flood is impossible and would totally negate the first trilogy of destroying the halo rings...

GtR35olution41d ago

Halo 6 wont be present which sucks but they wont have any exclusive titles to show either at any shows. Microsoft needs exclusive titles

DaDrunkenJester41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


Huh? I don't think that is what we are discussing haha

Anyway at Gamescom I think we will be seeing more of Crackdown 3 and games that will be out soon and need a bit more showtime than E3 allowed. like State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead etc. I think we will just be seeing more of those because they will be coming out soon.... which all happen to be exclusive, fyi.

GtR35olution41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

You fanat-X are ridiculous. People should wait for another Microsoft presentation for them to show games? Wow. Theyve been hyping up new games for years and then scorpio for a whole year saying its a lot more powerful than playstation. When it was time to show what they had at e3 their showing was very poor. Nothing displayed looked better than the best looking games on a standard ps4 and anything exciting was a multiplatform game. They didn't show any exclusive titles because they'll all be on ps4 or pc as well.

digital foundries revealed the truth that the xbox one x will be doing checkerboard technique in quite a few games so far so I imagine it'll be doing that a lot for a lot of new games. Microsoft also with their lies and deception was talking about console launch exclusive trying to trick people into thinking they'll have exclusives. Xbox one is finished and is a failure. Now the more expensive Xbox one x will be a bigger failure. They should have waited till next year and start a new game generation with a newer Xbox thats twice as powerful as the xbox one x or so. Crackdown 3 was hyped to death and xbox reps were saying itll be impossible to have it on ps4. Where is the quantum leap that dx12 is suppose to do in gaming. Sony showed amazing games that are coming out soon and a lot next year. Nothing microsoft has can compete with ps4 lineup next year. Sony held back showing certain games but ps4 games like god of war and especially the last of us 2 will look way better than any game on xbox. Fanat-X are fanat-X

TheCommentator41d ago

GTR, what's The Coalition working on? Is 343 only (or even, for that matter) working on Halo 6? Playground is working on two games right now. You can't say they won't have anything to show... I've even heard that there's a new Mistwalker game and a new Ninja Gaiden coming to XB1, and TGS would be a great place to reveal those.

DaDrunkenJester41d ago


I don't understand why you're telling me all of this... I don't care in the slightest. We were talking about Halo and the possibility of the flood making a return to the series and you go flying off on some fanboy shit. Calm down kiddo.

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XanderZane41d ago

Exactly. I would like to see 343 Studio make something else besides Halo in the meantime. Same thing goes for The Coalition as well.

UCForce41d ago

I hope it will be a new IP from 343.

KionicWarlord22241d ago

343 are not making a new ip. They are making the next Halo game.

There a Halo studio.

UCForce41d ago

But why GG can make a new IP ? Not 343 ?

UCForce41d ago

I heard that before. Sony did wanted GG to become KZ Studio. But completely changed that. It's not too late to change it.

slate9141d ago

But they shouldn't be just a Halo studio. That is not good for long term business. They should handle the Halo IP, but they should also be allowed to stray away between games and give us something unique. Having the same people work on Halo over and over again will get stale, like Halo 5's campaign has.

morganfell41d ago

"But they shouldn't be just a Halo studio."

Yes they should. People want HALO. I am one. HALO sells. Bouncing HALO around between studios is destructive the the game and inevitably the canon. 343 has almost single-handedly destroyed HALO. Hopefully they have learned. They claim to have done so after HALO 5. The last thing we need is a repeat of their mistakes by someone else.

slate9141d ago


Why are you assuming that just because I say "they shouldn't be just a Halo studio" means I think the Halo IP should go to another studio?
Does Uncharted go to another studio? Killzone? Infamous?
Just because you allow your studio to take a break from a franchise, doesn't mean that franchise is going anywhere.
I WANT Halo. I am Halo. But burnout is real, and studios need to be able to breathe every once and while. Allow 343 to release a new AAA IP between the 3 year cycle of Halo, it is not that hard of a concept to understand.

morganfell41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


It should not take 5 years between games. That said, the chances of 343 being expanded yet again to produce another game and HALO, both getting the attention they deserve, is quite honestly not within the bounds of realism. The only way for them to continue to produce HALO titles in a timely manner is to have one constantly in the pipeline. Burnout is real. When that happens some people each time will move on. But the core of the studio has to remain where it is so when the replacements arrive they are ushered into an atmosphere that has an established way of working, it has a character, and it understands the series. Every time Naughty Dog lost someone, plenty of people here were forecasting their demise. Instead ND hired someone just or more talented and brought them into an already functioning ecosystem where their skills thrived and they adapted to the environment that produces great titles for that series.

Why can't 343 do what ND does and make two games at the same time? Because HALO and Uncharted/ TLOU are wholly dissimilar games. Other than having a narrative, their commonalities end there. And ND has shown over a decade that they can operate like a well oiled machine and 343, as evidenced by the titles they have produced, has not found the right frequency that lets them produce a HALO game the way it should be made. You have to learn to make one masterpiece before you can attempt to paint two at the same time. It took Guerrilla how long since forming to make HZD? See they had to reach a point of maturity as a studio to get to that game. And quite frankly Sony has a completely different managerial style for their first party companies.

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KionicWarlord22241d ago

Because Guerilla Games was never setup as killzone studio.

343 industries was built from the ground up to be a Halo studio. 343 oversea the series and increase its lore as the main halo studio.

EatCrow41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Theyre making halo. I think Phil already cleared that up and so did the studio.
Would be nice to see a new fps.

Maybe they could do a Perfect Dark

They should expand studio and make two teams.
One for Halo and the other for Other.

slate9141d ago

Exactly. Continuing to pump out Halo will just lead to fatigue and developers constantly coming and going. Imagine if MS let Bungie make Destiny an xbox exclusive. People need to think outside of the box. Halo will still be there! But let the studio shine in different ways as well.

Sciurus_vulgaris41d ago

343i does have two teams. The studio's B team, worked on MCC, Spartan Assault, Spartan Strike, and Halo Wars 2.

MegamanXXX41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

When I think of 343 I think of a studio that took over for Bungie a great developer who build Halo and 343 just played it safe all these years. Halo was already great and I feel everything was easy for 343 to just come in and take over the Halo franchise. GG did everything on their own and made their own IPs

spicelicka41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Firstly they are set up just to make Halo, 343 name itself is from the Halo universe.

Of course that doesn't mean they can't make new IP, but comparing to GG is not quite right. Killzone was a really good IP (loved KZ2 and 3) but not a sustaining franchise. Halo has a HUGE multiplayer community. It is one of the best MP franchises around.

A multiplayer franchise that still has a community means longevity for the publisher. They have no reason to kill Halo if there are still thousands of people logging in to play multiplayer every day and forge/customs are thriving.

And the community won't be happy anyway. I love Halo and always will. It's something I don't want to die.

What CAN happen is that they expand the studio to create a separate IP. If they can manage to utilize Halo's multiplayer and translate it to another IP it would be amazing. Alternatively they can stick to the Halo universe and try a new genre. I would love to see Halo RPG game like Mass effect.

343_Guilty_Spark41d ago

343i will make another IP when they get ready too

moldybread41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

This is about Halo, so why are you trying to change the subject? Halo is still a very important franchise. Activision also still sees value in making more Call of Duty games. 343 was created to keep the Halo IP going. That isn't the problem, the problem is Microsoft not investing into other studios so that people like you won't be pestering 343 to do something else. Sony has another God of War coming, is that a problem? No, because they have other games coming too so you won't say stop making God of War or stop making Gran Turismo.

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KionicWarlord22241d ago

I think they will announce Halo 6 early next year close to march.

Its probably coming in 2018.

Sciurus_vulgaris41d ago

I think Halo 6, has been given an extra year of dev time.

slate9141d ago

It sounds like it. If history is anything to go by then we should have gotten a trailer this year at E3 with a 2018 release date (3 year dev cycle). I hope they give it extra time and take as much time as needed. Halo 5 and MCC are holding over my halo needs.

Felsager41d ago

Halo, needs a serious revision. Many current games are performing outstandingly. Horizon Zero settled standards and many other games will continue raising the bar.

deadfrag41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Horizon settled standards for what?Maybe console graphics because when talking about gameplay and even in the use of new graphic effects the only game that show a real evolution is actually Zelda Breath of the Wild!It must put some of those graphic whores upset to know that real game and gameplay evolution comes from a game produced for a console with less than half of the power of the so call Beast Xbox one X or PS4 pro. And regarding HALO,the franchise needs to get a big push and the next game needs to show some evolution specially narrative evolution along with the gameplay in order to get all the old fans back again.If they take the same approach they did with HALO 5 campaign they should just put HALO to rest for good.

Felsager41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

"Horizon settled standards for what?"

First: Get a PS4
Second: Purchase the game.
Third: Play the game.

You obviously know jack about what you are talking about.

spicelicka40d ago

You shouldn't be telling people they don't know jack when you haven't played Halo 5 yourself.

spicelicka41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I don't know if you play Halo or how much you know about it, but Halo 5 multiplayer has been setting standards since it came out. It is the most robust MP game out there. They offer free DLC every month, tons of maps/weapons/skins/features have been addded, That's a standard.

Forge is a monster, the things people create in Halo 5 are nothing short of amazing.

Take a look at the maps people created in Halo 5. How many other games let you create your own maps? Create your own game modes? How many games let you host your personal creations and have other people play your custom games? If that's not a standard I don't know what is.
Someone created Battlefield vehicles in Halo 5.
WORKING calculator made by fan within Halo 5.
Entire Power rangers intro created from Halo 5.

I could send you these all day. There are so many things I didn't even know which ones to choose.

I'm not going to make comparisons to Horizon, that's a great game (I have PS4 also fyi) but if you can't say Halo isn't setting standards. It just doesn't get media exposure because it's an old franchise. You'll won't read articles about what's going on in the Halo community on N4G because there just aren't enough Halo fans on here. What I DO think needs a revision is the campaign, which is what I believe you're comparing to Horizon while ignoring the ginormous multiplayer.

Felsager40d ago (Edited 40d ago )


"You shouldn't be telling people they don't know jack when you haven't played Halo 5 yourself."

I can because unlike you, I've played and finished Horizon Zero. He spoke about something he knows jack shit about it.

I never spoke anything in particular about Halo 5, I spoke about the franchise itself. So I can say that, snowflake. Next time use your thick callous skull of yours when you reply, son.

spicelicka39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Judging by your comment history it doesn't look like you had anything constructive to say. If you read my comment carefully you'd understand that I even partly agreed with you on the story portion, but the way you responded doesn't seem like you're interested in having a useful discussion.

I never claimed to finish Horizon so don't try that with me. I've played some of it, it's a great game. Did not make any comparisons so I'm not going waste my time with that shit.

Also love how you completely dismissed all the evidence I posted. Halo has one of the most robust packages in any game. No other game with the production value of Halo has a 4 player campaign and MP that lets you create your own maps, create scripts for custom set pieces, customize game modes to your liking and host them for others to play. It's an unrecognized standard and that's a fact.

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