GTA V’s Recent Steam Reviews Drop To Mostly Negative Following The Removal of OpenIV

GTA V is definitely up there with Skyrim when it comes to modding capabilities and the community behind it, which is arguably one of the bigger reasons as to why people buy GTA these days on the PC platform. Modding on GTA 5 though has had it’s share of controversies though, the most prominent one being the bans hammered down by the cheat engine which thought that the graphic mods were actually hacks.

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FlameWater274d ago

Take Two wants to take on the mod community, good luck with that

kevnb274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Its a specific mod and a specific reason, as long as everything is communicated properly not much to see here.

cartoonx1274d ago

actually u cant mod much without openiv, so its the end with openiv.

Nodoze274d ago

Wow, so they were not milking this enough and making enough money?? There is a breaking point. They just found it.

crazychris4124274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Rockstar's response was total crap. You would think these companies would learn by now not to piss off the PC community. It always ends badly.

HighlyDoubtful274d ago

Like Rockstar cares about negative steam reviews lulz.

NarooN274d ago

Tons of people bought the game just BECAUSE it had mod support, just like GTA IV and San Andreas before it. So yes, once prospective customers read these negative reviews and see that modding is basically dead, they won't buy the game, and thus that's less money for R*. The only reason Cockstar doesn't see killing mod support as a bad thing is because of the insane money they get from microtransactions, which are only relevant due to the absurdly inflated virtual economy in the game where everything is ludicrously overpriced just to force people to either spend hours/days grinding for one thing or just buy a Cash Card to get it instantly.

JackBNimble274d ago

Ya but potential customers who wanted mods already own the game, and Rockstar doesn't give a shit about pc Anyway, they sell way more games on consoles.

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