CSM: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

CSM Writes:

"Hell's Highway portrays a grittier, more graphically violent image of World War II than has been seen in news clips or other games. An Action Cam feature depicts gory views of warfare, like bloody headshots up close or images of limbs being blown off bodies. During one scene where American forces cross a waterway, you'll see arms floating in the water or decapitated bodies.

Ultimately, there's nothing extraordinary that sets Brothers in Arms apart from the stacks of World War II games available. While it boasts of a solid adventure with interesting cover and squad mechanics, there are few exhilarating moments along the campaign that separate itself from the rest of the pack. Combine that with the sometimes repetitive grind of "take cover, shoot, repeat" and you've got merely a competent shooter that blends in with every other title in the genre."

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