The all new icons of gaming

Little Big Planet's Sackboy and Bioshock's Big Daddies make MSN gaming's list of the new icons of gaming

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Capt CHAOS3396d ago

The more I see a supposed 'icon', the more I go off it.

That thing is like a gingerbread man you can't eat..

pp3396d ago

Hahahahha Not Likely hahahahhaha

pwnsause3396d ago

^Damage control at its finest^

candystop3396d ago

Gaming icon my azz...whatever.

GameOn3396d ago

lol at Kratos running like a pansy.
Mario and Sonic are the real icons of gaming. Sackboy has potential, give it 5 years and I think he could be right up there.

Crazywhitie3396d ago

I would have to say it's more an icon then the big daddy... But Sackboy has not showed up yet so it don't think it can be an icon... Plus Sony making sackboy there mascot doesn't make it an icon.... But it is a lovable Character.. Just look at the little guy

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The story is too old to be commented.