Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Destiny 2 PC at 4K 60fps

Digital Foundry:
We've seen it, we've played it, and it's beautiful. Nvidia is proudly displaying the PC version of Destiny 2 at its E3 booth, running on a system powered by…

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ninsigma185d ago

Looks really nice at 4K 60!

freshslicepizza185d ago

Yes it does. The game is really so much better with 60fps.

ninsigma185d ago

Looks that way. Shame the consoles can't do it!

Forn184d ago


Shame the developers don't care to optimize code better on consoles.

thekhurg184d ago

First thing you've ever said that I hit agree on.

BRB going to go throw up now.

cartoonx1184d ago

i think both consoles updrades can do 1080p/60, seems developers just lazzy tho. graphics arent exactly mind blowing, bf1 still looks better. and istn battlefront 60fps?

Thunder_G0d_Bane184d ago

Thats why its worth qaiting a month for the PC version :) I'll be playing it at 144fps

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MegamanXXX184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Consoles won't be able to do it this generation because of the cpu. Picking up the PC version. NTM 1080P 120fps looks great too

ninsigma184d ago

Ah! Never used that one. I'll add it to my arsenal 😂

CP_Company184d ago

maybe someone knows how long the story mode going to be?

thekhurg184d ago

Destiny story mode = pointless. It's all about end game. If all you want is story wait a few years and get the super pack for $30 or something with all DLC

CP_Company184d ago

i know,that first game was i hope that 2nd game going to be at least better?

letsa_go184d ago

That is what I will be doing! Getting the patched version with all the DLC for cheap on PC. Destiny 2 in 2019! haha

Adirzzz184d ago

Can;t wait for this game

jaycptza184d ago

I remember when PC gamers were like... Wouldn't buy it even if it were to release since (after console) now they be like...