Up to 56% off Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh and The Last Guardian on Amazon

Amazon has heavily discounted several Sony-published PlayStation 4 digital games with The Last Guardian dropping to $26.39, Horizon Zero Dawn to $39.59 and Nioh to $39.59.

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Sonyslave3465d ago

Psn already have this deal and I think today is the last day for these sales brought witcher 3 and it season pass fo 38$.

Hope sony have a sale for tales for berisa and persona5 :-[

phoenixwing465d ago

Not to make things worse for you but those two games you want sales for are awesome. Definitely worth having. I hope you get a sale soon to play them.

Brave_Losers_Unite464d ago

Played Tales of Berseria, and can confirm its awesomeness

vikingland1464d ago

PSN sale I bought HZD, UC4 and Batman Arkham Knight plus the season pass all for $60 total.

_-EDMIX-_464d ago


Add me, my PSN ID is EDMIX