GameCinemaHD Silent Hill Homecoming review.

After one or two negative Silent Hill: Homecoming reviews, one stating that "too many locked doors was annoying"... GameCinema HD has given Silent Hill: Homecoming a fair, and positive review.

"Thankfully, the development team at Double Helix has done an excellent job of providing a seamless transition into the current generation, while at the same time keeping most of the series' precious trademarks intact."

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Arsenic133700d ago

I could not put a direct link, but its in the credit url. Some noobish kid submitted this as news but it was reported due to really really bad editing and its still active.

Im very excited for this game. Its going to be awesome, just 1 more day!

Homicide3700d ago

Did one reviewer really complaing about locked doors? What a moron. Looks like he hasn't played a SH game before.