Why Nintendo's E3 2017 Wasn't As Successful As You Think

A lot of the Nintendo reveals at E3 2017 were amazing, but how many of the games shown were brand new and releasing any time soon? That might be a problem.

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wonderfulmonkeyman372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Most of them are releasing this year.
The few that aren't, were still either unexpected surprises, or things fans have been wanting to hear are on the way.
They even made the impossible possible, by making XCOM fans care about a damned Rabbids X Mario game.
Just let that sink in for a moment and ask yourself if anyone else could have pulled that off, let alone did so this E3.

They've proven that games don't need to be all new IP's to be exciting, and in a gen where hypocritical third party fans bash Nintendo for familiar IP reliance, despite cheering for more COD, GOW, MVC and Spiderman amongst others, I'd say that's kind of impressive in its own right.

It wasn't perfect. They should have at least shown models of enemies or characters for Prime 4 for instance.
But there's no denying they had the best show they've had in the past few years, this time, if not the most entertaining and unusual E3 of the bunch, unless all you cared for was new third party IP's.

And that's before getting into the Treehouse, which basically functions as 3 days of stage show gameplay, on top of cool tournaments to watch.

Knushwood Butt371d ago

They proved that Mario throwing his hat counts as the most revolutionary gameplay evolution this decade......

3rdDimension371d ago

And your comment proves you don't understand what makes gameplay unique. Especially among a sea of same-y stuff... point, shoot, explode things, wash rinse and repeat.

Knushwood Butt371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

Point, throw your hat, explode things......

It's just so wholesome when Mario stomps on something's face.

wonderfulmonkeyman370d ago

You don't get it.
It's not the action, it's the results.
And not just the destructive results.
Nice try, though.

Knushwood Butt370d ago

The 'results'?

Did you avoid the detail because those 'results' have been done before?

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FallenAngel1984372d ago

E3 has shown that despite that large list of support Nintendo showed off at the reveal of the console, various third parties will only pay minor lip service to NS and continue to neglect it.

Summons75371d ago

It's still in the first year and it's doing very well so if "western" third parties have taken notice it will still be a year or two before we see games coming over as it takes time and they can't snap their fingers like you thinks. That said this "Waaaaah no third party" argument as lame as Japanese third parties have shown to be working very well with the Switch for support not to mention indie devs too. The narrow-minded thinking of "no Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed means no third party" is what is hurting this industry. Plenty of western devs have expressed interest in the Switch since it's released but publishers can only see $$$ signs, they don't care what their developers want, they don't care what fans want so in the case of the Switch if you want more western 3rd parties to support it then speak with your wallet.

FallenAngel1984370d ago

It's still very apparent that the majority of these publishers are taking a wait and see approach to the console. Whereas PS4 & XO instantly got support, the publishers will put a bare minimum on NS and see how those games perform before they pursue serious significant support.

EddieNX 372d ago

It was perfect imo except they didnt show Metroid.... But they sure as hell anounced it and pokemon and my sleeping has improved!!!!

SCW1982372d ago

Metroid Prime 4 has me a little worried since Retro is not the ones making it. What the hell are they working on? Also Prime 4 will be mid 2019 at the soonest.

Stevonidas371d ago

The producer for the first trilogy, Tanabe, is at the helm for MP4. Besides, all the important people who worked for Retro when they made MP are since long gone (not saying that Retro is a bad studio or anything), so relax.

superchiller371d ago

Almost no 3rd party developers are supporting the Switch, and unless that changes, the system will likely follow the same path as the Wii U. Unless you're a diehard Nintendo fan who simply must have every game they release, there's no reason to buy a Switch.

fungusar370d ago

3party are not as important as you think, they dont bring anything new to the gamer, is the same games over and over again. Look what happen to Microsoft, the Xbox has a lot of 3party.

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