Marvel’s Spiderman gameplay is the most-viewed video of E3 2017

During E3 2017 we got a plethora of new trailers and gameplay reveals. While many of them are good at gathering more views, others are struggling to do so. Here's 5 most viewed trailer of E3 2017 on YouTube.

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Thatguy-310545d ago (Edited 545d ago )

The game will sell a ton when released. Hopefully Sony are smart enough to make a special console for it. This game will sell like Uncharted 4 or even more. The game is exclusive and I'm pretty positive it's going to sell more than its past games that were on multiple consoles.

zivtheawesome545d ago (Edited 545d ago )

interesting seeing all 3 main Playstation games above Super Mario.
Spiderman is gonna sell tons.