Overwatch Leavers Deserve Harsh Penalties

Why Blizzard is taking a hard line on leavers, and why it’s good for everybody.

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theapocrypha309d ago

I definitely do agree with the harsher penalties for the intentional leavers, but sometimes the random disconnects cannot be helped. Storms can interfere with connections or maybe they cannot afford better internet. But like your article said, you cannot discern the difference.

Kupa309d ago

Can't discern the difference, and also doesn't matter. If it happens enough, either the player or their connection is too high a risk to their teammates. The punishment isn't to teach them a lesson, but minimize their negative impact on competitive matches.

theapocrypha309d ago

No I definitely agree with your main message but sometimes it can be hard for people to re-stabilise a connection and it is occasionally based on just bad luck. Either way great article :)