UGO: Silent Hill: Homecoming review

UGO writes: "Developer Double Helix Games did a very smart thing when Konami handed them the Silent Hill license. Clearly fans of the series, they didn't try to muck about by introducing new gameplay elements which don't necessarily serve the story in their just-released Silent Hill: Homecoming, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PCs. Bioshock offered a revisionist take on survival horror, one which looks like it may be replicated in the upcoming Dead Space while Resident Evil is reportedly moving in a more "Gears-style" direction. Silent Hill, on the other hand, stays true to its roots and is all the stronger for it.

"In Homecoming Double Helix have crafted an experience which is a uniquely modern take on survival horror, incorporating now-standardized game elements such as 3D camera controls and smooth character interactions into the genre's basic tenets, bending them where necessary but never breaking them outright. In Homecoming, fear comes from keeping players in a constant state of high tension, achieved through combination of deft level and art design, unsettling audio cues and perfectly paced proceedings. In short, this latest Silent Hill, new developer and all, is at once a return to form and a bold step in a new direction."

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fishd3727d ago

Sounds like one of those game to get mixed review score

Arsenic133727d ago

The reviewer was a fan of the original 1-4. Maybe her fangirlism got in the way. She complained about locked doors! This is SH wth!

Skizelli3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

I don't think his fanboyism would effect his review. Us Silent Hill fans are very, very protective of the series. Just ask any fan and we'd be quick to tell you which SH games we like and dislike. Yes, we do dislike some games in the series, or favor some more than others. When I heard an American developer was going to do this one, I was expecting a disaster, as our style of horror is very different from the Japanese. It seems they did a decent job, though. However, while this review gives me hope, I'm sure it will still get mixed opinions.

CloudsEnd3727d ago

I was like: Oh my f*cking god, okay they made Silent Hill Origins, but still, nyah... Dunno!
When i see more than 2 'A' or '9/10' Reviews i gonna buy it.

KidMakeshift3727d ago

The Silent Hill games vary for different people

I loved 1 and 2, but thought 3 and 4 were complete sh*t. And Originals just felt rather boring

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AngryHippo3727d ago

...i will wait for more reviews to come out before deciding on whether to get this game or not. Very mixed reactions so far.

VsAssassin3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

I think this game is still Silent Hill. I just hope it gets more good reviews starting now.

Arsenic133727d ago

There is another good review i just submitted, its in pending. 8.5/10!

Silogon3727d ago

B.S. review! Silent Hill homecoming has the same truck like controls as 1 through origins, so I know this game isn't A material. Not one bit. Couple the tank-like controls with last gen graphics and you have a successful failure o your hands.

Armyless3727d ago

What game(s) -DO- you like?

LastDance3727d ago

Its a little late to be hating on controls? lol.....I mean...if i were to play a silent hill game id kinda expect it....:S....

Homicide3727d ago

He likes Siren.

OT: I hope the game is good. Can't wait to play it tomorrow.

LeonSKennedy4Life3727d ago

Yeah, what DO you like, dude?

Do you not like Fatal Frame either?

(It's a trick question. Everyone likes Fatal Frame.)

Silogon3727d ago

Armyless, If it's last gen it's last gen, sorry. The controls haven't changed and that's uncalled for. We are playing on high end systems now, they should've went the extra mile an dmade some tweaks to the system. This game should be 19.99. The graphics are abysmal ad the gameplay is a joke.

Games I like -

Shadow of the collosus
J&D trilogy
R&C series
God of War 1 & 2
Suikoden 1 & 2
Dual hearts
Shadows of destiny
Sly Copper series
Pixel junk monsters
Cold Fear

Super mario bros
Ghost n goblins
Punch out

I mean, I can go on and on. I like a lot of games... just not when they're junk. not when they don't take advantage of a system that cost what the ps3 does and not when the developers just slap a number behind the name and call it completed. Sorry.

Why o why3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

if its got crap controls then that sucks Controls are more important than graphics in most cases. His list seems strong and maybe he's just harder to please than the rest of us.

fcuking Ghost n Goblins.. thats taking me well back. Does anybody remember Mikey on the spectrum or school Daze or am i showing my age?

UnwanteDreamz3727d ago

Well I don't see very many survival horror titles in there. Sounds to me like you want6 it to play like a platform. Hint: RE4 got the kind of control revamp you are talking about and it made the game great but it is no longer a survival horror game. RE is now an action title. I hope that does not happen to this series MHO.

UnwanteDreamz3727d ago

To clarify I am all for fluid controls but I don't want it to be so easy that I can run and gun without a worry.

felidae3727d ago

wow, your life must svck big time

TheExecutive3727d ago

I love the controls of SH games. Thats right I said it. Its all part of the experience. ANy other game and I would hate the controls but I dunno its just not SH without weird a$$ controls.

Go on now, flame me.

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