E3: Reaction to Major Conferences and Games in Social Data

The Brandwatch React team has been tracking social media’s reaction to E3 2017, providing social data round-ups of each major conference and live tweeting data as we go.

Now, get your coffee and snacks out and enjoy the full social data review of E3 gaming delight.

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Obscure_Observer545d ago (Edited 545d ago )

Holy sh!t!

Microsoft blow everyone out of the water! O.o


Microsoft 44%
Nintendo 15%
Sony 11%
Ubisoft and EA 10%
Bethesda 8%
PC 2%

Congrats to Phil and Xbox Team! Good job!

yeahright2539d ago

Well yeah, it's not who had the best conference, it's about which conference got talked about the most. MS revealed price and release date of new hardware. They'd better be the most talked about.