Nintendo Appears to be Making a Second Comeback in Video Game Consoles

Two years ago, people thought Nintendo might get out of video game hardware after the Wii U.

It wasn't the first time. The same chatter happened after the company released the Gamecube, a console system that failed to find many loyalists (even within Nintendo)

But just as Nintendo turned itself around from that system with the Wii, it seems poised to do so again with Switch.

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2pacalypsenow342d ago

They've dominated to mobile market for a while now, don't see how the Switch changes that..

Maybay342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

The Switch is a "2n1" device, Nvidia is powering its hardware, and the development tools for the Switch is extremely developer friendly (the latest Unity and Unreal engine versions come stock on Switch dev kits).

Parry342d ago

I think it's good that they've come away from their older traditional approach. It was needed if they were going to survive. I love the switch it's ideal for nintendo games.

Einhander1971342d ago

It's pure Nintendo doing what they do best, the whole hybrid device idea is perfect for them and us.


Don't call it a comeback 😎