Why Super Mario was PlayStation's real E3 nemesis

With so many mainstream and casual gamers to attract, Sony will be more worried about Switch than Xbox One X.

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Septic157d ago

Well Nintendo routinely prove why the industry really needs them.

Everyone criticises them for release "another Mario" but tell me, which platformer on any other platform comes remotely close to what they show? After decades Mario still schools all other platformers, at least as far as early impressions go.

Shine get!

Platformgamer157d ago

Which platformer on any other platform comes remotely close to what they show you ask?
Crash n sane trilogy, cuphead, ori 2 and EVEN knack 2 surpass mario odyssey.
don't get me wrong, mario odyssey is a really great game from what we saw... But crash and cuphead are amazing.

ninsigma157d ago

Hmmmm I don't know.
I think ori 2 (based on how amazing the first was) would be the only one out of that list to top Oddysey. Knack 2 and Crash look amazing (great year for platformers) but Oddysey looks to be a level above them. Cuphead looks cool but I think that would be on the lower end of that list, top being made up of ori 2 and Oddysey and Crash + Knack in the middle. Once They all come out I could easily change my mind after playing them but from what I've seen, Mario looks damn good.

Aenea156d ago

I need more Mario! Come on!

Mario Maker port please as well! Didn't have a Wii U!

Moar, moar, moar! Come on! Need more Switch time!!

Woolly_157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Mario makes me wanna get a Switch to compliment my PC.

Highest rated exclusive Zelda + Mario Odyssee in the Switch's first year . . hot damn.

mcstorm157d ago

I have been nothing but impressed with the switch. Zelda is a master peace and Mario Kart is now the best one we have seen as it has full battle modes. Add Splatoon and Mario later on this year I'm a happy customer.

157d ago
Injusticewarrior157d ago

Nintendo's new Mario game is looking very nice, Ubisoft's aswell.
Not enough for me personally to make the leap to switch, but still looking good.

ninsigma157d ago

Mario Oddysey was one of my favourite games from E3. Looks fantastic!

letsa_go157d ago

Same! Definitely makes me want to pick up a Switch

Fishy Fingers157d ago

Not fussed about the whole 'nemesis' blah blah but I'll be doing my best to get my hands on Mario when it releases, no doubt it'll be brilliant.

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