E3 proves that Nintendo are the biggest losers

With so many Nintendo fans proclaiming Nintendo to have won E3, why is it that the reality is so contrastingly different to what's being suggested?

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The 10th Rider342d ago

They seriously compare Metroid Prime 4 to Metal Gear Solid Survive . . .


Berenwulf342d ago

I agree, but still we don't even know how far in development the game is. It could take another 2-3 years until it's finished.

MVGeneral341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Knowing Nintendo's track record it's going to take 4-5years. They didn't even have a screenshot. So they probably didn't even start on making it yet, Just an idea. Even the logo is plane jane.

Btw it's a really good read. Read the whole article. Nintendo is in a heap of trouble.

MVGeneral341d ago

(Couldn't edit post to add this because it was too late)

...Lack of 3rd party support. Even monster Hunter a franchise that was exclusive to Nintendo isn't even coming on The switch (lmao). And it only show cased rando games except for Mario. And metroid prime isn't a system seller. But Nintendo fans don't have too much going so they'll take a logo as a win, I suppose.

341d ago
JackieDrunken342d ago

They didn't show anything other than 'Metroid Prime 4', and that was enough for me lol!

Would I like to have seen gameplay, of course. But come on, they announced a new Metroid game!!!! I seriously had doubts they would show anything and they ended up showing two new Metroid games! I hope that 3ds one gets ported over to Switch at some point.

Nintendo had best E3 in my opinion. I think it was because my expectations were pretty low and they ended up surprising me. And sweet Jesus I'm ready for Oct. 27th! Mario Odyssey!!!

MVGeneral341d ago

Lmao. You nintendards are too funny. Metroidsm prime isn't a system seller. The previous iterations didn't make enough. And its gonna be 3-4 years before it's released. You guys will take any small thing and blow it out of proportion to get a game in denial win. Nintendo has you guys like followers of a cult. Go to bed, it's probably passed your bedtime.

Maybay342d ago



Erik7357342d ago

April fools is not today

Paytaa342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Idk how people can hate the Nintendo conference when it was one of the best showings. It was short and sweet.

Didn't think it was possible, but I'm slowly being sold on the Switch. Zelda looks really fun, Minecraft on the go with my Xbox worlds, MK8, Rocket League on the go, Xenoblade 2, Mario Odyssey, and a future Metroid Prime? Pretty strong imo.

Haven't owned a Nintendo console since the Gamecube and loved that thing. Once it gets Smash I'm more than likely going to plunge.

Would be awesome if them and Xbox continue a solid partnership for more cross-play stuff because to me that's really cool and Xbox is my primary system.

GG Nintendo.

The 10th Rider342d ago

Not to mention Pokemon and No More Heroes also in the works for the future, with Fire Emblem coming next year. Pretty great lineup of titles coming in the near future and on the horizon.

JackieDrunken342d ago

@ Paytaa
I was extremely skeptic on Switch when it was announced. I love Nintendo but I felt it was going to be a failure like the WiiU. I've owned all there major consoles but I was planning on skipping this one after the WiiU let me down. My girlfriend surprised me and got me one with Zelda on launch. And dude, it is a really, really cool system.

Nintendo still needs to get there act together on a lot of things, especially online functionality. It is way behind other companies in that department. But the system itself is great. Really cool piece of hardware. And Zelda is seriously one of the best games I've played. Playing Mario Kart 8 with a group of friends on the couch (and some booze) is so damn fun. Arms, a game i had serious doubts about, is a blast. And sweet Jesus, I'm ready to play some Mario Odyssey! And the fact you can play all of this anywhere you want!

I highly recommend you get one. I have a PS4 and a Switch, and enjoy switching between the two. You will also with your Xbox and Switch. Hope you get one!

freshslicepizza342d ago

Aside from the ridiculous voice chat solution I am also thinking of getting a Switch now. It looks to be a fun system that has dual purpose and when I am on vacation it would be a great system to bring on the plane and stuff. Hats off to them as well for being open minded to crossplay, that deserves a lot of respect and I think it is the best supporting platform now to my PC.

briannah95342d ago


Ya know, I had my finger on the upvote but then you had to insert your console war BS into your message at the end. You have no plan to get a Switch do you? You just wanted to promote your view, eh?

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They have a lot coming out this year so not really

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