Xbox One Won't Get as Many Original Xbox Games as 360 Ones

Still some cool games coming.

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Septic95d ago

Well it was a gen cut short/abandoned very early on I suppose.

Just give me Jet Set Radio Future!

Mr Pumblechook95d ago

@Septic I think a HD version of Jet Set was released on Xbox 360.

Skull52194d ago

Don't think Xbox had as many games period as X360 so it is to be expected. Great effort though by Microsoft, they are doing a fantastic job of listening to our feedback and making it happen.

ninsigma95d ago

No, give me a ground up remake/brand new jet set radio! Franchise needs to come back to life!

moldybread95d ago

He said no to Brute Force but I would like to see Mechassualt, that was the game that got me hooked to online gaming. Other good news is they are planning to bring BC to the PC.

Marcello95d ago

Burnout 3 Takedown please.

ZaWarudo95d ago

Otogi 1 and 2, Breakdown, Jet Set Radio Future, Mechassault.... Oh man, now i want another Otogi.

Malice-Flare95d ago

if they put Fatal Frame 1 & 2 on that list, i'm in...

craig2web95d ago

They should either concentrate on releasing a next gen console or give up.

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