Destiny 2 was running in 4K on Max settings and with constant 60fps on a single GTX1080Ti in E3 2017

DSOGaming writes: "Activision showcased the PC version of Destiny 2 in 4K at this year’s E3 event. And while the PC version was running with 60fps, we did not know the GPU that was powering it, as well as the graphics settings that were used. Until now."

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SCW1982339d ago

See Xbox One X should run it just fine because its just as powerful as a 1080 TI according to all these fanboys. LOL, I jest of course but it looks awesome on PC.

john2339d ago

Xbox One X can't run the game with 60fps most probably due to CPU bottlenecks. Similar case with PS4Pro

SCW1982339d ago

I know bruh I was acting like an ignorant fanboy. That's why I said I jest.

EcoSos3339d ago

Duh the recommended card is what a 670 my old 680 would run it with no problems.