Sony dev boss: "We always strive to be the risk-taker"

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told VG247 that taking risks is part of Sony's strategy for getting good results from its PlayStation business.

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kittoo3701d ago

Cause otherwise we would have never got classics like ICO, Shadow of colossus. Or we would have never got the cell processor which is now proving its worth. Heck, there never would have been a PlayStation without these guys and we would still be sitting under Nintendo childish dominance.

prunchess3701d ago

And when you consider the money Sony put on the line with its products (consoles and games) - balls of steel are required.

kittoo3701d ago

Agree completely. Balls of steel required indeed.

dale13701d ago

two good titles there listed for taking risk and uncharted,resistance,motor storm ,heavnly sword, eye of judgement etc, all new ips, all different thats what you need in first party terms from your console.

Shane Kim3701d ago

Yup they do. Now looks at us, I mean look at the xbox for christ's sake. It's a big pile o´crap.

Veryangry_xbot3701d ago

Sony took the risk and now its paying off.

With 11 new IPs to show for at TGS and with Team ico, WKC and GT5 confirmed, TGS 2008 will be Sony's show just like E3 and Leipzig.

2008 is Sony's year.

Maldread3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Guess one could say Nintendo took a huge risk with it`s console, but so did Sony with Cell and Blu-ray. Seems like both is starting to pay off.

I don`t think anyone makes as many new IPs as Sony`s first and second party developers either. And even though there may be a Lair title (if that counts as second party though) now and then, there will be an Uncharted and LBP too. I think that`s a risk worth tanking. Hope to see something new from Team ICO at TGS 08 :)

Daver3701d ago

i agree, risk can bring a lot of good things

btw Lair was one of my favorite game

Maldread3701d ago

I`m basing this on reviews, but i havn`t played the game for myself, so maybe you`re right ;)

I don`t have the time to try all games for myself, but maybe i`ll have to give Lair a try some time, with the analog support out and so on.

LiquifiedArt3701d ago

They risk $$$ to bring forth compelling technology. They didnt just Cash in on the ps2's Success. They actually tried to innvoate through Cell + Bluray.

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