The Plan for Destiny 3 - Game Director Luke Smith's Ultimate Direction

Destiny 2 Game Director Luke Smith talks the future of Destiny, highlighting the ultimate goals for Destiny 3 that devs haven't reached yet

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thorstein310d ago

"We are going to install udders on your wallet so it will be easier to milk."

How about delivering on half of the promises first?

Death310d ago

Nice. They would like other players to matter when they get to the third installment of the franchise. Some devs try to do it out of the gate with game 1, some have a little more conservative of a goal and shoot for progress with game 3. As long as no other devs step to the plate with their initial outing, we have something to look forward to.

Thanks Bungie.

fenome310d ago

Oh, you mean like how the day one buyers got locked out of Heroic Strikes and Nightfalls (things they originally had access to) unless they bought DLC?

I'm sorry but locking your original supporters away from content unless they give you $40 is just shady. The players that already gave them full price obviously didn't matter then, but of course the new players matter, they're fresh cows they can milk.

I don't know, I might buy it used, but I'm definitely not preordering like I did with the first one, I just can't support business models like that.

I like how they locked the beta behind a preorder in this one too. Lol. The open beta in the first one is what made me preoder it, not vice versa. Guess they already feel that they've got their hooks in deep enough for people to preorder just to play the beta. Sadly they're not wrong either.

sd11310d ago

How dairy keep milking people like.

FinalFantasyFanatic310d ago

I'm more worried that they pretty stated there will be a Destiny 3 (so I shouldn't buy 2 either and just wait for 3?).

MagicBeanz310d ago

Probably a three year wait just like for 1 to 2 but that's up to you.

RabbitFly309d ago

The problem is that the fact that they are already thinking about Destiny 3 creates the fear that we will have the same situation with Destiny 2 as we had with 1. Where the majority of the team will stop supporting Destiny 2 to start work on 3. That the last year of content will kill the game because there is no more point to playing because they will reset everything with the next release anyways.

The argument for releasing destiny 2 now is really that Destiny 1 lacked the framework to bring it forward. Because honestly Bungie kinda sucks. However if they are now releasing Destiny 2 and the framework is still not in place, then why release Destiny 2 in the first place?

sd11310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

If they want it known as a "social action shooter" they need to fix matchmaking for all modes and strikes. I shouldn't need my own teams or groups to take part in every aspect of the game.