Destiny 2 Project Lead Confirms 30 FPS Is Due To CPU Limits, Evaluating 4K On Xbox One X

Destiny 2 has faced some controversy recently due to the comments made by the development team regarding the technical makeup of the game on the Xbox One X.

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KionicWarlord22267d ago (Edited 67d ago )

"Destiny 2 project lead, Mark Noseworthy has confirmed in a set of tweets that the game is CPU-bound. Even if they lower the resolution to 1080p, it won’t be possible to achieve 60 FPS no matter the platform."

I dont belive this statement. I believe even the Ps4 pro can run this game at 1080p 60 fps.We got games on ps4 pro like battlefield 1 running at 1800p 60 fps.

The evidence is there.

Bungie saying there "evaluating 4K" for Xbox One X is nuts. We should have a confirmation that they said we would have.

"Bungie will not talk about Destiny 2 Xbox Scorpio version until E3 2017"

Neonridr67d ago

Bungie claims that their AI and physics are sooooo advanced, lol.

If Bungie can't just copy + paste the Pro code and slap it into the One X at the very least, then clearly there is more going on here.

TankCrossing67d ago

CPU bound because they won't provide servers for their always-online game. Servers could and should host the AI, and the bulk of the physics.

ABizzel167d ago

This is silly if the Pro is 4k, then the Xbox X will be 4K unless Bungie just flatout refuses to do it or request someone else port it to Xbox X, and at that point it's just a huge middle finger to MS and shows they left on awful terms.

GamerFrank8567d ago

Bad look for Bungie. Really bad look

moldybread67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

They already know it can't do 60 fps on any console but are evaluating the possibility of 4k on Xbox One X? Yeah that makes total sense.

And yes dedicated servers could also help this game.

Now I learned the new Guided Games mode is only playable in normal difficulty. I'm thinking of just canceling my pre order for the PC version. Moneyhatted DLC, the possibility of content being held back for DLC, no dedicated servers.

MegamanXXX67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

The PC version will still be the best

Neonridr67d ago

@moldybread - wait what? Guided games is only for normal mode, not hard? What sort of BS is that?

inveni067d ago

Doesn't Sony have a marketing agreement with Bungie for Destiny? Maybe the devil is in THOSE details.

Jmanzare66d ago

It will be 4k on xb1x they just can't talk about it

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Npugz767d ago

Of course they can run the game at 1080p 60fps. They just need to rework they're game engine that's been the same since destiny 1. I'm sorry but that game isn't that technically demanding for the pro and oneX . The bottle neck is the game engine not the consoles.

Vitalogy67d ago

I think the same. Look at SWBF it'll run at 1080p60fps and has way many players online in MP at the same time plus too much going on on the screen. So this can only be because they're using a dated game engine that cannot achieve console maximum even there being a cpu bottleneck.

Jmanzare66d ago

Swbf also has dedicated servers

xHeavYx67d ago

You are calling him a liar? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
My man you are really hurt.

KionicWarlord22267d ago

Bungie is just looking spooky after E3. Thats all ill say for now.

But when Battlefront 2 hits and you compare that ps4 pro version to Destiny 2 to you will see what im referring to.

KwietStorm67d ago

What are you talking about? What was said actually makes sense to you? You buy this talk about running 4K30 but not 1080p60, while 4K itself has to be "evaluated" on a more powerful machine? How does that add up? The game looks exactly like the first Destiny, but all of a sudden this "rich physics simulations" can't render at 60 frames. TF outta here.

ShadowWolf71267d ago

4K is being "Evaluated" because it would have to be implemented after the fact since the game Launches before the console. Day 1 vs Post-Launch support will be different and they don't want to make guarantees until they're sure. It's literally that simple.

Eonjay67d ago

Wrong. It's a different engine. Yes it could reach 6pfps, but not in the engine they have developed for it and for the original consoles. It's like they would have to create a brand new engine and then yes it could be.

Ashunderfire8667d ago

Battlefield 1 can do 60fps on consoles but not all the time frames are not capped it goes down at times

Allsystemgamer67d ago

Hey. Hey kid.

The x1x CPU is only clocked at 200mhz higher. That's not enough.

The game is heavily CPU bound.

Stop being all butt hurt that your worshipped piece of plastic isn't as strong as you'd hoped.

Athos67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

If you look at Destiny, this thing should run on a toaster at 60fps. The physics, artwork and game play in no way scream that it cant run at 60fps. Crappy engine, lazy developer... and I RARELY play the lazy developers card.

Edit: And I am a PC gamer by nature, I am not beholden to any particular piece of plastic.

Anzil67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

@Athos Destinys physics AI graphics and gameplay are stellar. The game is more CPU bound than most and PS4pro and Xbox one X CPUs are a joke hahahahahaha not happening. What don't you understand about this?


I agree with you, Destiny and Halo share very similar code in the engine and it's a very optimized engine! If Halo 5 can run 900p-1080p @ 60 on X1, Than i would think a console 4x more powerful could handle Destiny @ 1080p 60 just fine...

_-EDMIX-_67d ago


So all that hype and its just doing PS4 Pro settings?


Corpser67d ago

You don't believe what the people making the game is telling you?

Forn67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

No, actually I do not. There are examples of games on console, PS4 specifically, that hit at least a 1080p @ 60fps benchmark. And said game(s) is/are far more demanding.

ShadowWolf71267d ago

No, they're not "far more demanding". They're far more demanding on a GPU-side, not the CUP side. This game's physics, object count, AI, all of it, run off the CPU. The CPU is what needs to be beefed up for 60fps, not the GPU. GPU will affect resolution and ONLY resolution.

Ausbo67d ago

If ark evolved can jump from 30-60, I don't believe them. Yeah the CPU isn't that new but it's upclocked and Microsoft has offloaded a lot of CPU processes to the GPU. Can't they at least get it to an unlocked 40-50 fps?

dantesparda66d ago

Just because the ARK devs say it can do 60fps doesnt mean that will run at a steady 60fps. That piece of junk game is a joke and they are the absolute worst devs out there. And the game will run nowhere near a stable 60fps, it'll probably be between 15-60fps

Sircolby4567d ago

You can't really compare it to any Frostbite engine game, because that is one of if not the most efficient game engines out there. There are games out there that look far worse than BF1 and will get half the FPS on the same machine. The CPU on all of the consoles including the X is on a very poor performing ancient AMD architecture. Combine that with an inefficient engine and what he is saying is likely true. I am not trying to make excuses for him, I am just simply saying it is quite possible that their engine is simply not efficient enough to run 60 FPS on any of the console CPUs.

RedSalmon67d ago

" won’t be possible to achieve 60 FPS no matter the platform."

Don't mind me, I'll just be over here playing on my PC.

FITSniper66d ago

He was clearly talking about consoles.

ossyc66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

The Jaguar CPU isn't good enough. The PRO and X1X are both using it. Also the GPU is good but not good enough. it would need to be the equivalent of an Nvidia 1080 at least, to hit 4K/60fps and you'd have to dial down the graphics to med-high. That card is 9 TFLOPS.

The X1X GPU falls short of the 1070 which is 6.5TFLOP . This is why the game is 4K/30fps for both PRO and X1X